What They’re Mad About

Digby, writing at Hullabaloo today about the anti-health care crowds that have been mobbing town hall meetings recently:

This point is one that continues to amaze me. These people are coming unhinged over expanding access to health care. It’s not about taking away guns or mandating abortion or outlawing churches or some other issue about which you could understand these people having such strong feelings. They have worked themselves up into a complete frenzy over helping sick people. The right wing noise machine is awesome.

I don’t think progressive bloggers, or what’s left of the “liberal” main stream media, understand what’s going on here.


These people aren’t upset about sick people getting help.  They’re upset about sick people who don’t work and therefore don’t deserve it getting help.  They’re upset about what they see as a massive welfare giveaway, a massive redistribution of wealth . . . all to benefit shiftless people who haven’t done anything to earn those benefits.

Racism?  Class warfare?  Sure.  It’s human nature, and what else is new?

No one is explicitly proposing this (yet), but I think the only universal healthcare plan that will sell in the USA will be one with graduated benefits: a lesser standard of care for those who must take, or choose to take, the public option; higher standards for those who will pay for, or who have employers who will provide, private medical coverage; limitless care for those who can cover medical treatment out of pocket.  Which is pretty similar to what we have now, when you think about it.

Just sayin’, is all.

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