Island Hopping

Bachin’ it this weekend . . . Donna’s celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas, courtesy of Gregory, Beth, and the grandkids. I gave Donna a new road bike, but it was an early present. She started riding it two months ago and it’s already scuffed up. Now I feel as if I’m still on the […]


An Agitated Dog, and No Wonder

Earlier this evening, we joined several friends at a neighborhood park for a free concert. We’ve been to many such concerts; they have them every Saturday night in the spring and fall. We usually bring our dog, as do many other people, and the dogs are normally as well behaved as the people who bring […]


2008 Economic Stimulus Refund ( $1800 )

Just in case not everyone instantly recognizes this as pfishing, here are three dead giveaways:

Government agencies don’t conduct official business via e-mail. “President Bush program?” Really? Can’t they find someone with a high school diploma to write this shit? The “click here” link takes you to a form that asks for the kind of […]


Peanuts from Hell

In April, almost a year after my father died, Donna and I flew back to Missouri to see my family. While there we decided to ship a few small items home, mostly military memorabilia my father had collected. We took the stuff to the nearest UPS store and left the packing and shipping to them […]


Can You Drive 55?

If our president had an ounce of courage, we’d have a national 55 mph speed limit again. As much as I’d personally hate it, it would be a worthy sacrifice, even a patriotic one.

Hey, tell you what . . . I’ll slow down if you will.

Side note: I thought President Gerald Ford […]