Saturday Catch-Up Blogging

Pathetic. Half a month since my last post. I really have to get in more.

My leg quit hurting three or four days ago. The doc said to stay active, and I have – scouting trail for an upcoming run, taking long bike rides, walking the dog. Later today we’ll go on a three- to […]


Friends Call

Two friends are recovering from accident injuries, pretty serious injuries at that. I call them every now and then, just to let them know I’m thinking about them. Our mothers told us to call our friends when they’re sick or suffering, and to visit them at home or in the hospital, so we all know […]


I Hate Getting Old: Reason #72

Perforated veins. Yeah, I got ’em, and I don’t want ’em. This morning my friendly neighborhood vascular surgeon performed the first of four procedures, a laser endoscopy on a large vein in my right thigh. Essentially, he zapped the vein from the inside out, and now it’s closed . . . my body will adjust […]


The Polar Bar Parking Patrol

At Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, where we were stationed in the early 1980s, our Friday night routine revolved around dinner and drinks at the Officers’ Club. But one week the couple who lived next door in base housing inducted us into the Polar Bar Parking Patrol, and from then on we had a […]


Get Your Friends Drunk in the Morning

Putting on a breakfast or brunch-time party? This stuff kicks ass!

Bloody Mary Mix


Base 1 cup beef base 1 small bottle Tabasco Sauce Worcestershire Sauce, to taste salt & pepper, to taste celery salt, to taste 1/4 cup horseradish (not the creamy kind) The Rest 4 qts tomato juice vodka garnishes (celery […]