Friday Evening Dog Blogging

Schatzi after a hard day’s work.

Zonked out

She’s found her calling (besides hashing, that is): she’s a therapy dog. Even in her sleep.


Military Bans Blogs (Part V)

Headline at a liberal blog: BREAKING: Air Force Censors Liberal Websites, But Leaves Conservative Ones Alone.

Shocking. Simply Shocking.

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China heckler at White House prompts Bush apology.

Okay, someone managed to get into the press stands and shout at Chinese President Hu Jintao. Isn’t this normal behavior in the United States of America? Isn’t this, in fact, constitutionally protected behavior? Maybe not:

The Secret Service charged Wang with disorderly conduct under local statutes. The […]


Land of the Secure

A teacher’s assistant at a Florida school asks two men to move their car from the bus unloading zone. “We’re with Homeland Security,” they say, as they rough him up, handcuff him, and slam him against the side of their car – in front of schoolchildren and school employees. Here’s the link.

I feel much […]



Yesterday I listened to an NPR report on sectarian violence in the Baghdad surburb of Amiriya. You can listen to it here, if you have the stomach for it. Among the incidents in the story, one stood out: a short interview with a Shiite resident of Amiriya named Al-Abadi, who said “I am scared all […]