Good Times, Good Eats

God, enough cooking already! On Thanksgiving, while Donna, daughter Polly, and daughter-in-law Beth prepared turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, yams, and pies (apple and pumpkin), our son Gregory and I smoked a duck and a ham . . . it would have been a feast for a dozen adults and six hungry children, let […]



Last two weeks, the word “pushback” has been running through my mind. As in: “Mister President, we’re experiencing significant pushback on extending tax cuts to the rich.”

I hate buzzwords. Pushback is high on my list of buzzwords. But there it is, at the forefront of my consciousness. Why?

And then I remembered a conversation […]


Good Buddy, My Ass

Reference 8 Yellow Snow’s trucker rant:

Almost all truckers are paid by the mile. Mile hauling cargo, that is. They don’t earn a cent dead-heading home, waiting for assigned loading dock times, sitting idle in blizzards or bumper-to-bumper traffic, stopping for meals, filling out paperwork and log books, or pulling over for mandatory rest periods. […]