I Am Not the Retiring Type

. . . and yet, today, I retired.  Turned in my keys, line badge, cell phone, final time card.  Said farewell to my co-workers.  Gathered up the few personal items I had there and put them in my car.  Drove away and didn’t look back.  Nothing stands between me and the yawning abyss we euphemistically call the Golden Years.  Scary?  You betcha!  What will I do?  Who knows?

But for tonight, at least, I have a plan.  Donna set out a tray of snacks in case strange children come to the door to wish me a happy birthday and retirement.  I cooked a pot of sauce and have it on simmer; friends are coming over to help us celebrate and we’re feeding them ravioli.  There’s a present to unwrap, and then, most likely, early to bed . . . we’re going on a long training ride in the morning.

So far, it’s been a fine retirement.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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