A woman we know through the local Hash House Harriers club has apparently taken her life. She’d been incommunicado for a few days: another member of the hash went looking for her and found her dead. That’s all we know at the moment.

Know: I used the word twice, each time carelessly. We can’t say we knew her, not really. We were friendly with her and she with us; we did trails together and chatted at the hash, but our conversations weren’t personal. She was younger and had a different set of friends in the hash. As for her death, all we “know” is what we’ve pieced together from messages and Facebook posts. She was found only yesterday; everyone’s still tiptoeing around the particulars.

Even when it’s not a close friend, though, it’s a shock. Who can know what demons others are dealing with? We always thought of her as an upbeat, happy person. Judging by what we hear from other hashers, they thought so too.

It’s not our place to speculate or even make wishes. Still, we wish she had reached out to her many friends when things got bad. Sad times.

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