Spring Cleaning

No matter how much space my server company gives me, I’m always pushing the limits. Before I got smart about photos I loaded them onto the server, where they took up an ungodly amount of room. Four years ago I started uploading blog post photos to Flickr, where I have unlimited storage. The photos you see in newer blog posts on Paul’s Thing actually reside on Flickr, not my server.

But what to do about all those older photos on the server, still taking up room? This morning I moved them all to Flickr, and as I get time I’ll replace missing photos in some of the older blog posts. Not all of them, but the important ones, the ones blog posts won’t make much sense without … those I’ll replace.

It’s not my highest priority at the moment; you’d have to be deep in the archives to find posts with missing photos, and most readers don’t go there. But some of you do, and I’m thinking of you. The photos, at least the important ones, will be back soon.

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