Perigee Moon

That’s my excuse for neglecting the blog this week: the tidal pull on my cranial fluids. Well, that and our grandson’s visit, which is going swimmingly well. I mean that literally: we’ve spent more time in the water in one week than we normally do in an entire summer.

Speaking of perigee moons, here it is, 16,000 miles closer than normal, just coming over the roof of Hangar One at the Pima Air & Space Museum last night.

2013-06-22 19.33.49
Moon over the museum

We were there for Night Wings, a kids’ night they put on three or four Saturdays each summer. Quentin went on a scavenger hunt, reading questions off a list and finding the answers at various aircraft displays in different hangars at the museum. Along the way we practiced aircraft recognition … I’m sorry to say it’s a subject his parents have neglected. From the numbers of parents and kids in attendance, I’d say the night was a great success for the museum … they probably made a lot of money to help keep things going over the long hot summer when we don’t get many paying visitors during the day. The three of us had a good time, and it looked as if everyone else did too.

Some more photos from last night:

2013-06-22 18.25.23
Safety hazard

2013-06-22 18.36.46
Quentin in the cockpit

2013-06-22 18.30.22
Too cool glider

2013-06-22 19.02.45

I never noticed it until last night, but the stand visitors climb to see into the F-14’s cockpit is too close to the left engine intake, and people could really get hurt if they slipped on the steps going down and whacked their heads on the intake. I’ll have to tell someone about that. The second photo I took through the side window of our old Boeing 707 cockpit trainer; the third is of Quentin standing next to a sailplane they brought in for the evening, not one of our regular exhibits (it was horrifying to see kids climbing all over it while inattentive parents did nothing, and it must have been even more horrifying for the glider’s owner). The last photo is of me standing by our North Korean MiG-15, taken by Donna.

This morning I got up early and readied the patio and pool for this afternoon’s swim party. Several kids are coming over to join Quentin in the water; Donna’s hosting and with any luck Polly will come over to lifeguard. Me, I’ll be downtown riding a bicycle hare & hounds trail with my grown-up friends, and if you know me well enough, you’ll know I won’t be in any hurry to get home afterward!

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