Going Nuclear

jew-cartoonAfter the Newton school shooting I posted a couple of tweets using the hashtag #FuckTheNRA. When I originally set up my Twitter account I foolishly checked the box that allowed other users to contact me by email. I’ve now fixed that, but not before the gun nuts found me. The pro-mass murder emails I’ve been getting are about what you’d expect, though curiously enough some seem to have been sent by citizens of the UK, which has long had strict gun control. Apparently there are British gun nuts too.

Yesterday someone using the address patriot@___.com forwarded a chain email rant with a rather different twist … one that dates from the Middle Ages. I’ll give you a taste of it here:

Subj: Sen. Dianne Goldman Feinstein Is A Loaded Gun Out to Destroy America

People talk of the one-percent elite who are out to own and control everything in the world. Let’s put a name on one of them: Dianne Goldman Feinstein (D-Calif.) … in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, Feinstein will ride the tide to usher in what elitists want, to grab Americans’ guns. … it’s a tried and true formula that worked for Stalin, Hitler and Mao to control the masses. Why bring up communists? Communistic-socialist ideas work for rich and powerful Americans, who are mainly counterfeit-Jewish. actually, they are Atheist Marxists but call themselves Jewish. These “fake” Jews originate from Khazaria and went to Russia and its surrounding areas, as did Feinstein’s grandparents, immigrating from Poland and Russia to the U.S. Jews, like them, were told by the Sanhedrin to migrate to the U.S. and make their children doctors, lawyers and politicians to eventually destroy the Christians. Her father, Leon Goldman, became a renowned surgeon. Fake Jews also have instructions through ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” to obtain control through the judiciary, banking, real-estate, media and politics, which most of them own companies in all areas addressed in these protocols. For a detailed account of “fake” Jewish elite, review the free documentary, “The Nazi Banksters‚ Crimes Ripple Effect” available online … Feinstein is easy to identify as a fake Jew because of her roots …

I think that’ll give you more than enough to chew on. I knew this guy was going to hate on Jews as soon as I saw “Dianne Goldman Feinstein” spelled out in the subject line (just as one knows where teabaggers are going the minute they say “Barack Hussein Obama”), but I was frankly surprised to see that shit about The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. No matter how convincingly or often that claptrap is debunked, anti-Semitic haters cling to it and keep bringing it up.

Teh Stupids will always be with us, I suppose. What strikes me here, even more than the anti-Semitism itself, is how quickly they roll it out whenever they sense a threat. You’d think they’d keep a lid on the embarrassing bigotry until they determine whether the threat (in this case, an assault weapons ban) has a chance in hell of getting through Congress (it doesn’t), but no, they bare their medieval breasts right off the bat, and they do it every time.

I’m already seeing those old “John Kerry attends anti-war rally with Hanoi Jane Fonda” posters on Facebook, apparently put up by people who have forgotten that it wasn’t just John & Jane but the great majority of Americans who opposed the Vietnam war and relentlessly pressured our leaders to end it. Ever since Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion and blood clot, they can’t wait to tell us about Whitewater and Vince Foster again, oh, and don’t forget the Clenis! The ooga-booga spearchucker crap hasn’t let off since day one of Obama’s presidency.

They learn not, neither do they grow. Scratch ’em and they go nuclear. Every time.

Well, I say fuck ’em. And fuck the NRA.

© 2013, Paul Woodford. All rights reserved.


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