Living on the Edge

If America is richer, why are its families so much less secure? Must reading, by Peter Gosselin of the Los Angeles Times. Working Americans falling through gaping holes in the net. Something’s wrong, and addressing it piecemeal – Social Security, health insurance, wages, pension plans – isn’t going to fix it.

Thanks to the Washington […]


A Hitch in My Getalong

All weekend I’ve been troubled by a stitch in my side. Feels like a horse kicked my left kidney. Saturday, I laid trail for my Hash House Harrier group. The stitch was unpleasant, but I walked it off after the first mile and apart from some stiffness I felt okay. Sunday was horrible, though – […]


This and That

Neglecting the weblog again. Not particularly following the news, so I don’t have much to say. Donna’s back east with a sick relative, and I’m holding down the fort alone. No big deal: feed (and clean up after) myself, two cats, and a bird; work (and how!); paint a couple of doors; service and wash […]


Topping It the Nob

For the past two years I’ve written a regular column and occasional articles for Asia-Pacific Harrier, an English-language hashing magazine edited and published by a friend in Bangkok. So far, the magazine hasn’t made a profit and I’m writing for free, as are the other contributors.

So here’s my question: does this make me a […]