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Hashing Straight, Ten Years Later

I gave up drinking ten years ago this month. Not sure if today’s the exact day, but marking the on-oniversary on Saint Patrick’s Day seems appropriate, so I’m going with it. Erin go bragh!

I came to hashing as a member of a profession with tight camaraderie and similar drinking and singing rituals, flying fighters [...]


Unpleasant Realities

A hasher's nightmare

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about what I thought was a mean-spirited post on our local hash email list: a hasher gave another hasher shit about getting a DUI. My post is titled Hubris, because the giver of shit is a drinker too, and as far as I can [...]


Boozing It Up

When I went to InterAm in Colorado earlier this month, I knew it was going to be a test. Not a test of my resolve to stay sober — after all this time I’m no longer even slightly tempted to drink — but a test of my love of hashers, a hard-drinking bunch if [...]