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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 9/25/16

Our scheduled hare, who scouted trail and even set up a special Facebook page for the bash, broke his bike the day before and had to ask Arthur Gash & You Gotta Fuck Me to Find Out to step in and lay trail. They did, using his original start location at Menlo Park on the [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 1/12/14

It was a brilliant morning for a hash in Tucson, Arizona. Unlike some local hash clubs we could name (cough, cough, Pedalfiles, cough), brilliant days bring out the hashing hoards, and that was certainly the case this morning at Udall Park.

The pack at Udall Park

In the photo, left to right: NHN Victoria, [...]


Founding Tales

Ra, editor and publisher of the renowned (ahem) Half-Mind Catalog, started a new site dedicated to hash history. His purpose is to collect and share founding tales, stories of how hash kennels around the world were started: who did it, when, and why. A few spoilsports on Facebook were quick to point out that there [...]