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Tracking Down HHHistory

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Fellow hasher and friend of the blog I Feel Tower sends this today:

I’m not much of a blogger, but I added new data to my study of where the original hash house stood. Here’s the HashSpace link: http://www.hashspace.com/profiles/blogs/location-of-the-original-hash-house-in-kl

Do check it out. Fascinating stuff!


Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 11/23/14

Three of us (Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh, Hot Legs) met at El Guero Canelo on Oracle Sunday morning for a Harriers ride to the historic mining town of Globe, Arizona.


The nice thing about riding to Globe is you can take back roads and never see the freeway. We went through Oracle, Mammoth, and Winkleman on two-lane roads which became increasingly hilly and twisty as we rode north. We had lunch in Globe, then visited the historic downtown district (which, as you can see from the photos below, though long past its glory days still gives off a certain vibe).


Wankers & Hot Legs


Flying Booger & Hot Legs

From Globe we continued north through another mining town, Miami, and on to Superior, where we took another back road south through the hills to Kearny and back into Winkleman, then retraced our route home to Tucson.

The temperature stayed in the mid-50s from Tucson all the way to Globe, and by the time we got there we were all somewhat chilled. We warmed up at Judy’s Cookhouse in the company of a large pack of motorcyclists from the Phoenix area. By the time we got back on the bikes temps had finally climbed into the 60s, and the ride home was very pleasant.

The date for our Harriers MCH3 December ride is Sunday the 28th. I’m thinking it’s time we rode down to the border and paid a visit to our amigos in Nogales, Sonora. Does everyone have a passport?


Tumbling Bill

This short article about the Hash House Harriers, from the Malaysian news site The Star, contains the announcement of Bill Panton’s retirement from hashing after 60 years.

Many of you have met, or at least heard of, Tumbling Bill Panton. I first met Bill at the Rotorua InterHash in 1994, then again at the Hobart InterHash in 2000. At both events he was collecting information on the origins of hash kennels, part of his massive H3 Genealogy Project. A year or so later I hashed with Bill as a guest of a kennel he founded, the Washington DC H3, the second-oldest hash in the USA.

In March, 2003, Bill traveled to Tucson, Arizona, and ran with a men-only hash I founded, the Pima County Traditional H3, which I’d modeled partly on the Washington DC H3. Bill is 4th from the left in this photo of the PCTH3 men:

100-0001_IMG copy

After the hash, Bill told me I’d done a proper job getting this kennel going. It was the proudest moment of my hashing life.

You can read more about Bill and his 60-year hashing history in his Half-Mind Interview. If you’re too busy to click, here are the key bits: Bill, who lives in Kuala Lumpur, has been a member of the Mother Hash since 1954, back when Mother was simply the Hash House Harriers, the only hash in the world. In addition to founding Washington DC H3 in 1972, he founded Bangkok H3, another traditional men-only kennel, in 1977.

Tell you what, kids, giants have walked among us. Here’s to you, Tumbling Bill, a hasher I truly look up to. I am not worthy!


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 11/16/14

Arthur Gash and co-hare F*** Me laid an old-school shitty trail on Tucson’s west side today, a 12-14 mile loop (depending on whether or not you fell for the long BT at the start) starting and ending at Menlo Park on Grande. It was a beautiful morning for a bash, the first cool day of the 2014/2015 riding season, and some in the pack even wore jackets.

I knew if we got the word out an old-timer was haring a good-sized pack would turn out, and so they did: Deep Dish, I Love Fat Chicks, Spot Remover, Hash Jive, Pearl of the Andes, Wankers Aweigh, Hot Legs, Loose Nut, Zorro, and of course us, Flying Booger and Pick’n'Flick.


On-in at Menlo Park: our hares, F*** Me & Arthur Gash, are in the center

Trail ran east from the park to the Santa Cruz River bikeway, where a check awaited. You could go north or south: almost everyone went north, only to find a BT somewhere up by the Grant Avenue crossing. No one could quite believe a BT would be that long, and much time was wasted looking for trail between the BT and the original check. Eventually the pack realized they had to ride almost all the way back to the start and head south; in the meantime Loose Nut, Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh, and Spot Remover, having wasted the most time, became separated from the pack by a mile or two.

Trail continued south along the San Juan River past A Mountain to the Silverlake crossing. At one point on this leg of the trail we passed a large flour dump and speculated that one of the hares had either gone down or caught a bag in the spokes. From Silverlake trail went west a bit, then back north on the west side of A Mountain, west again up a damn long hill before turning south, then onto Ajo Highway heading east back into Tucson. Trail turned north on Mission, where it led back to the start, passing A Mountain yet a third time. Frankly, I’d rather ride past A Mountain three times then try to climb it on a bicycle, and I’m sure the rest of the pack felt the same way.

It was a long slog back to the start on Mission, mainly because we pedaled into a headwind the entire on-in leg of the trail, but eventually we all arrived back at Menlo Park. Gash said the base trail was 10 miles long. Most members of the pack rode 12; Loose Nut, Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh, and Spot Remover rode 14.

After the bikes were loaded on the cars we headed south on Mission to the Original Hideout for on-after libations and a brunch buffet. It was at the Hideout we learned from Gash how the flour spill occurred: he caught his bag in the spokes, which is way better than going down, and this lead to a brief recounting of the Pedalfiles’ early years, when we had some disastrous spills, sending at least four bashers to the hospital, two of them by ambulance. Knock on wood; we’ve been accident-free for a few years now, and long may it stay that way!

Here’s a shot of Pick’n'Flick and Wankers Away arguing over whether parallel streets can ever meet, as Pick’n'Flick insists.


Pick’n'Flick & Wankers Aweigh discuss topographical impossibilities at the Hideout

Thanks, Gash and F*** Me, for a great old-timey Pedalfiles trail!

Next month’s Pedalfiles bash is scheduled for Sunday, Dec 21, Wankers Aweigh & Hot Legs haring. January’s bash will be on Sunday the 18th, tentatively hared by Is It In Yet?


Comments Are Open

Comments are open again. Click on “leave a comment” at the bottom of any post.

If you’re a hasher, and you have anything to say about what I’ve written … or anything to say about hashing in general … fire away!


Half-Mind Interviews

After a long break I recently added two new Half-Mind Interviews to these pages. The latest hashers to bare all are the Long Island Lunatics H3′s I Feel Tower and the Happy Heretics H3′s own Shit Happens. You can see both interviews immediately below this post.

All total, I’ve interviewed 44 hashers to date, and plan to conduct more in the future. You can see the Half-Mind Interview Index here; just click on a name and you’ll be taken to the interview itself.

If you’ve read some of the interviews before, please take another look. Going through the older interviews I discovered many of the photos had gone missing, so I dug up fresh ones (Facebook & HashSpace are your friends, dear hashers … or maybe your worst enemies). Hey, if you’ve never laid eyes on some of our more alluring harriettes, you’re in for a treat!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in these pages, if you know a worthy hasher who should be interviewed (someone who has made a contribution to hashing), please use the contact form to let me know, and give me the hasher’s email address or phone number if you have it.


PISS Hash & Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 10/12/14

The Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash kicked off its 2014/2015 season with a September trail in Green Valley. Sadly, no one turned up, so there was no hash (and no trash). Yoda’s Green Valley trails are always a lot of fun, and it was a real disappointment no one made the effort to drive down. I’ll blame the weather … it was still killer hot in September.

A lesser group of hashers would have taken that as a bad omen for October, but not us. The next PISS hash on the calendar was to be on Sunday, October 12, and we weren’t going to cancel it just because September sucked. Besides, we were going to have a visitor, I Feel Tower from the Long Island Lunatics Hash in New York, who planned to drive all the way to Arizona to hash with us. Given that, I decided to hare October’s hash myself.

Then another special guest made herself known: Bimbo by Day, a former Tucson hasher who co-founded the Pedalfiles Bash back in October 2006. She hashes in San Diego now, but she was going to be in Tucson the same weekend as the October PISS Hash. The only thing was, she wanted to do a bike hash. Normally the PISS and the Pedalfiles meet on different Sundays, but because Bimbo was going to be here here we decided to put on a joint event: one trail for runners and walkers, and a separate trail for bicycle hashers, both starting and ending at the same location, Udall Park on the east side of Tucson.

And guess what? It worked!

Of course, before it worked it had to be planned, scouted, and practiced. I was doing the hash trail and Master Meat Finder was going to hare the bash trail. MMF was out of town and wouldn’t be back until the day before the hash, so I agreed to scout both trails, then ride the bash trail with her the afternoon before. My idea for the bash trail involved a long uphill climb, a short water crossing, and a downhill on-home run. When I scouted it, it was brilliant. Here I am at the start of the water crossing:


The water crossing that was not meant to be

When MMF and I rode it together Saturday afternoon, the trickle of water had turned into an uncrossable river. A hurricane had come up from Mexico earlier in the week, dumping rain on the nearby mountains and flooding our normally dry riverbeds. MMF wasn’t deterred … borrowing my Pima County Bike Trail map, she plotted out a new trail from scratch, with no time left for practice. As every hare knows, last-minute surprises and changes of plans are common, and a good hare always lands on his or her feet, as MMF did.

On hash day, Bimbo by Day rode with Master Meat Finder as co-hare for the bash trail, and I hared the hash trail as planned. Here we are at the start:


Bimbo by Day, Master Meat Finder, Flying Booger

The best thing … besides haring with good friends and showing a visiting hasher a good time … a huge crowd of local hashers and bashers turned out. Let’s hope October is a good omen for November!


Hashers and bashers at the start

Even though our combined hash/bash was a success, nearly everyone who came said the same thing: they had a hard time choosing whether to do the hash trail or the bash trail, and wished they could have done both, so in November we’ll go back to separate hashing and bashing weekends. Announcements for future trails will be on the PISS and Pedalfiles Facebook pages.


SWP Files: Calling 911

Two brief items to add to the Suspicious White Powder files:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.25.25 AM

click to view full sized image on Flickr

On On!