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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 10/18/15

Ten-mile trail (twelve with BTs) on the east side, hared by yours truly with logistical help from Pick’n'Flick, H.M.Ho, and Capt. Einstein. Who says you need a big pack to have a good time? Hash Jive, Pearl of the Andes, Loose Nut, and Pick’n'Flick were good company. Here’s a photoblog from yesterday.


The wily hare at MacDonald Park


H.M.Ho & Capt. Einstein, beer angels


The pack: Loose Nut, Pick’n'Flick, Pearl, Hash Jive


Loose Nut & friend at the Arthur Gash Memorial Camel Check


Great Expectations, Revisited

Several years ago, this bit of nastiness showed up on a hash club’s email list:

Ok, I missed my first hash run in Dallas over Thanksgiving and now I’ve heard enough stories to peak my interest. Actually I’ve heard enough stories to make me puke. Running naked through bushes, getting pulled in the middle enough times to incapacitate my friend, nipple to nipple rubbing, beer shots off some dudes ass into some girls mouth, macking and more. Both my friends could barely walk or talk, but all the talking they did sounded pretty damn funny. I live in Newport Beach so hook me up.

I wrote a rant about it, titled Great Expectations. My feeling then—and now—is that we should choose our words more carefully when telling outsiders about the hash, lest we attract the kind of “hashers” who turned out for the Washington DC Red Dress Run two weeks ago.

From a good friend in the DC hashing community, who contacted me last night:

Hey FB. I haven’t seen this discussed on hash-l yet or your blog. don’t know if it’s been a problem elsewhere or just a unique thing to DC. We had several harriettes roofied over DC red dress weekend. really makes me want to avoid big events … from what I know, one confirmed case of the date rape drug was found.

She forwarded the following message, sent to the DC hashing community by the DC RDR organizers:

Fellow Hashers,

We want to thank everyone who attended this year’s Red Dress Run for helping make this a very successful weekend. We had planned to take a few weeks off to recover and then check back in after the dust settles. Unfortunately, a very serious issue has come to light and we feel it necessary to address it with the entire hashing community at this time.

Multiple hashers have come forward and informed Red Dress and Full Moon Mismanagement that they believe they had been drugged. These separate incidents occurred both at BLT on Friday and during Red Dress Run on Saturday. Thankfully, all hashers that have come forward have reported that they are now safe and recovering, but that in no way diminishes the anger and disappointment everyone on Red Dress and Full Moon Mismanagement feels right now. We are devastated by this news and appreciate the bravery of the hashers that came forward to share their stories with us. We also
want to thank the hashers that helped those affected get the care and help that they needed.

We want to emphasize that we are vehemently opposed to all predatory and malicious behavior. As Hashers, we come together to have fun in an atmosphere that not only is welcoming to all, but is also safe and secure. Anyone who drugs another person without their knowledge and consent is committing a crime. “Roofies” lead to sexual assault and kidnappings. Any Hasher found to use, provide, or possess any form of a date rape drug will be permanently banned from our hashes, and more importantly, will be reported to law enforcement. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on this.

We have strived over the years to make Red Dress and all of its surrounding Hashtivus events a safe and welcoming experience for all harriettes and harriers alike. We work hard to make sure our venues provide event security, and that we ourselves look out for our attendees. We ask for your help in stopping any events of this nature in the future.

We want to take this opportunity to remind all hashers of some the resources available to you in the unfortunate event something like this ever happens to you, or someone close to you. Date rape drugs are commonly known as Rohypnol (hence”roofie”), GHB, or Ketamine. These drugs often make users appear very drunk, so victims may think they’ve just had too much to drink and may not want to report that they’d been drugged. For more info on these drugs and their side-effects, please follow this link: http://www.medicinenet.com/date_rape_drugs/page2.htm

Lastly, people who prey on others rely on shame and secrecy. Please understand, being a victim carries no shame. By exposing this horrible behavior, we hope to expose those who would perpetrate it on others. We want to thank those who came forward to shine some light on this. If you have any further questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can reach us at dcreddressrun@dchashing.org

Red Dress and Full Moon Mismanagement

Some will say the guys putting roofies in harriettes’ drinks were outsiders. Outsiders do show up to Red Dress Runs, especially big ones like New Orleans, San Diego, and Washington DC. But over the years I’ve heard too many stories of attempted rapes at smaller hash events, from campouts to away weekends, and I suspect the roofie assholes in DC were hashers. They’re among us, and we brought this upon ourselves.

As I’ve said before, please look out for one another, especially when the alcohol is flowing. And quit giving outsiders false expectations about the hash!


Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 9/27/15

One could argue I shouldn’t write this up as a Harriers MCH3 event, but hey, I was there–the founder and GM of Harriers MCH3–and I did send invitations to all the local members beforehand, so the hell with it, I’m counting it as a Harriers MCH3 event!

What “it” is is The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an annual motorcycle event. This year there were Distinguished Gentleman’s Rides in 401 cities and towns in 79 countries. As with our own Hash House Harrier Red Dress Runs, Distinguished Gentleman’s Rides also support a charity, in this case by helping to raise awareness of and fund research on prostate cancer. Riders sign up to raise funds or donate directly, and on the day of the ride everyone wheels their classic rides to designated locations, dressed as gentlemen.

I signed up to raise funds, and donated some of my own as well. I also took a stab at dappertude, as you can see here (by the way, you can click on any of the photos to see the full sized originals on Flickr):

DSCN1547 DSCN1551

Other riders got into the spirit of the thing as well, especially the guy with the Groucho Marx tux! I’ll try to do better than just putting on a tie next year.

DSCN1550 DSCN1548

Some of the rides were pretty sweet. That BMW K100, by the way, is a first year bike from 1982, the first motorcycle to have anti-lock brakes. We started the ride with 20 motorcycles and riders, a respectable group.

IMG_1857 IMG_1856

There were two pit/bar/regroup stops along the 70-mile route. The first was at Hot Rods in Vail, and since we got there ten minutes before opening, everyone occupied themselves in the parking lot by checking in on social media (I was no exception). The second stop was a taco bar at La Encantada, the upscale mall at Sunrise & Campbell, where we took over the designated motorcycle parking area.

IMG_1861 IMG_1863

I split off after the second regroup. The final destination was a bar on South 4th Avenue, and we had already made two bar stops. Since I quit drinking, bar stops have lost their appeal, and in fact I don’t go on poker runs or toy runs any more because all anyone wants to do at those events is drink. This event, however, was different: although a few riders ordered beers at Hot Rods and the taco bar at La Encantada, most just asked for water. It was a riding group, not a drinking group, and I’ll definitely be back for next year’s ride. I hope next time some other Harriers MCH3ers turn out with me!


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 9/20/15


And the hares …

My Clit Talks and Cap’n Crotch told us to show up at Schrier’s on 6th St at 10 AM, and we saluted: Arthur Gash & You Gotta Fuck Me, Deep Dish, Loose Nut, Wankers Aweigh, Sub-Atomic Equipment, Hash Jive & Pearl of the Andes, and yours truly, Flying Booger. The jHavelinas laid trail in the same neighborhood the night before, but the hares assured us we were taking a different route, and for a change they made their trail marks loud & clear, including an innovation I haven’t seen before in Tucson — instead of turning onto another street or path with no indication beforehand, they marked their turns thusly (when’s the last time you saw the word “thusly” in a hash trash?):


So trail was easy to follow and impossible to fuck up, except I did. Just me — everyone else found the beer check, but I got lost after 12 miles and wound up back at the start, apparently lured back that way by some jHavelina marks from the night before. I still had fun, especially when I came across an antique car show at the main fire station downtown:


According to Deep Dish, who forwarded me some on-trail photos afterward, at least one basher took the eagle trail to the top of A Mountain, and the beer check was at Pueblo Vida. Those are the three miles of trail I missed. Everyone eventually made it back to Schrier’s, and the bash went in peace.

Here are a few of Deep Dish’s photos. Click on them to see the full sized originals on Flickr:

photo image
image-5 image-2

Next month’s Pedalfiles bash will be hared by moi, Flying Booger. I can’t lose trail if I’m the one setting it, right? Start location and time to be announced soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook page. Master Meat Finder & Cockstalker will hare in November, Wankers Aweigh in December, and Deep Dish & 3IY in January.

On On!


InterAmericas Hash 2015

We are back from a two-week road trip, the highlight of which was three days in Portland, Oregon, where we attended InterAm 2015.


FB & PnF with Jiggy Jiggy & Occupied

Sadly, we missed the Okinawa welcome hash Thursday night. By the time we walked to the hash hotel from our hotel three blocks away, the pack had long departed. On Friday I drove south to McMinnville to visit an air museum, and by the time I got back and rounded up Pick’n'Flick, we’d missed the Hash Founders trail as well. Then we got distracted meeting old and new friends and wound up missing the Friday night kickoff hash.

Saturday we learned our dog had been injured by a cat our daughter Green Flagger snuck into our house after we left. We spent the morning and afternoon on the phone arranging for doggy surgery, and missed the Saturday trails as well! But we did make it to the hash hotel for dinner in the park, and we saw most of the skits while catching up with other old friends we hadn’t seen in years.

Did we miss the Sunday hashes too? Yes, we did … we had to be in Seattle that afternoon, so we left Portland Sunday morning. I think we finally outdid Zippy in never leaving camp … but I wouldn’t bet on that!

Here are a few thumbnail photos. Click on them to see the full sized versions on Flickr.

IMG_1786 IMG_1780 IMG_1784
IMG_1770 IMG_1774 IMG_1775
IMG_1789 IMG_1765 IMG_1764

Finally, even though we didn’t get around to any actual hashing, we saw enough and heard enough to be totally impressed with the job the Portland organizers and all the hares did. It was an outstanding event, beautifully organized. Phoenix is going to have to work hard to stay even with Portland.

And to all our old and new friends, it was wonderful seeing you!


Here’s to You, Brother Hasher

Ian Comyn, better known to us as Ian Cumming, has gone to hash with G. I met Ian in Rotorua at InterHash 1994 and learned a song or two at his feet. He was a hash mentor to many. He will be sorely missed and always well remembered.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.29.58 AM

Click to read the 2008 Half-Mind Weblog interview of Ian Cumming


Origins of On On?

Where does “On On” come from? Who knows? The only thing I’m fairly certain of is that it didn’t come from hashing.

A few years ago I got into an argument with another hasher. He insisted it was a hasher who first came up with the “Drinking Club with a Running Problem” motto, sometime in the 1970s. I said I didn’t think so, because if you Google “drinking club with a ______ problem” you’ll find drinking clubs with mountain climbing problems, drinking clubs with bicycling problems, drinking clubs with yachting problems, and so on.

The earliest documented use I’ve found dates back to 1946. “A Drinking Club with a Motorcycle Problem” appears on the patch of an early outlaw motorcycle club, the Boozefighters MC (the bikers who raised hell in Hollister, California in 1947, inspiring the 1953 Marlon Brando movie The Wild One). If you can find a quote from G or Torch Bennett or Horse Thomson where they used the motto in the late 1930s or early 1940s, I’ll reconsider. But as far as I know we never called ourselves a drinking club with a running problem before the 1970s.

The other day, after I wrote about Hash Haven, the online support group for hashers dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts, members there had a long debate about what many of them see as a hurtful, politically incorrect, and exclusionary motto used by some hash kennels: “No Poofters.” That never originated in the hash; it came from the 1970 Monty Python Bruces sketch. In the heyday of Monty Python, a lot of hashers thought the no poofters refrain was funny, and somehow it morphed into an unofficial motto.

How about “Rule Number One Is There Are No Rules”? It’s possible a hasher first said it, but if you Google it you’ll find it’s a widely used phrase. Thomas Edison allegedly said something similar in 1903: “Hell, there are no rules here. We’re trying to accomplish something.”

Okay, back to “On On.” This morning Chippendale sent me some information on the Royal Air Force’s 272 Squadron, which flew anti-submarine patrols from Scotland in WWI and long range shipping escort missions in the Mediterranean during WWII, and whose motto was … well, you’ll never guess:

272 squadron

The plaques and patches I looked up all say On On, but the linked history of the squadron says it was actually On, On! (with an exclamation point, which is how many hashers say it as well). Looking at the symbol of the armored knight, I can’t help wondering if the phrase dates back even farther … possibly even to the Crusades?

There’s no point to any of this, other than to say that the hash knows a good thing when it sees it and isn’t ashamed to borrow when necessary. On, On!


A Hasher Memorial

When I became a mail-order minister several years ago and started officiating hash weddings, I knew the day would come I’d be asked to do a funeral. That day is here. A friend is setting up a memorial for C____, a local hasher who recently took her life, and she’s asked me to officiate.

Suicide may or may not be a taboo subject at the memorial. C____’s hash mates still aren’t openly talking about it, and no one yet knows if C____’s family, who will be here for the memorial, will want it mentioned.

I told my friend I’d do it. Now it’s up to the family. If they want me to officiate at their daughter’s memorial, I’ll have to broach the subject with them. I’ll comply with their wishes, of course.

At first I considered saying no. Sure, we belonged to the same hash, but I didn’t know C____ all that well, and my last time out with that kennel was over two years ago. Also, I’m not a believer. When hashers ask me to perform weddings I’m always up front about that: I tell them if they’re looking for religious sanction I’m not the guy they want.

No problem, my friend explained, C____ wasn’t religious. Okay, then. That, plus the fact I’m not one of her close friends and am a little distant from the hash through which we knew each other, might make me the right guy, in some hard-to-explain way, to say the formal words at her memorial service. I think C____ would be cool with it … I couldn’t do it otherwise.

Suicide? It’s a profound shock when someone you know chooses that option. I’m deeply sorry C____ chose that way out of her troubles, but it was her decision and I have to respect and accept it.

Don’t any of you do it, though. Please?