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Memetime in Hashville

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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The Graying of the Hash, Part II

See previous post about our trip to San Diego and plans to hash with La Jolla H3: so, yeah, Spock lied. Trail was a little over 5 miles, but he didn’t totally lie: most of the pack walked. Here are a few La Jolla hashers at the start:

La Jolla H3, 3 Apr 2018
LJH3 is one of the older clubs in the USA, famous (or infamous, your pick) for its “by invitation only” policy. The hashers in the photo, most of them friends we haven’t seen in a while, are some of the older hashers in the USA, but they assure me they’re actively recruiting new members, and the median age of LJH3 members is in the high 40s, not the mid-70s you might otherwise assume.

Trail was an annual event hared by Kitty Kitty, a circle around the Eckert Flower Fields in Carlsbad, a few miles north of San Diego. This is an aerial photo Manhandler took from her and Spock’s plane a couple of weeks ago. Imagine a 5-mile oval around the flower fields in the center, and that was the trail.

Trail was A to A, but there was no circle at the end; instead we got in our cars and drove to Kitty Kitty’s home, where we circled, down-downed, and on-aftered. Swapped stories with old friends (Spock & Manhandler, La Bufadora, Kitty Kitty, Swiss Piss & Goodtail, many others), pissed and moaned about younger hashers, ate excellent tucker … I even did a down-down, chugging my first beer in over 11 years (luckily for me, LJH3 does down-downs with tiny cups). We met some new friends too, and it’s good to see San Diego is as much a hotbed of hashing as ever.

Here’s Pick’n'Flick and I on trail, in the flower fields not far from the start.

Eckert Flower Fields, Carlsbad CA (photo: Paul Woodford)


The Graying of the Hash, Part I

Pick’n'Flick and I are driving to San Diego for a few days. Our friends Spock and Manhandler are in town, so we’re staying with them. We plan to hash with La Jolla H3 Monday evening, then go to a “regular evening picnic at Mission Bay” on Wednesday, according to Spock. He says there’ll be some walkers & sitters there, so I guess it’s a hash event, though I don’t know which club. Mission Harriettes, maybe?

We’re both old and decrepit, with achey knees and hips, so I told Spock we probably won’t be up for much of a trail, though we sure want to visit with hash friends we haven’t seen in a long time. He reminded me that our friends there are our age too, many of them almost as broken down as we are, and that most of them walk these days and not very far at that. That all sounded good to me, but then he blew it by promising us “short & easy trails.” Yeah, like we haven’t heard that one before!

San Diego road trip hash report coming soon. On On!


White Powdery Substance in Ohio

Trouble in the Midwest. From the Hamilton Ohio Police Department Facebook page, posted on 28 Feb 2018:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.15.23 PM

We are aware of reports of a white powdery substance being found spread around various ares of the west side of Hamilton. Witnesses have seen at least one male involved in the actual “spreading” of the substance. There are also reports circulating that HFD has analyzed the substance and it is rat poison. That is NOT true!

The Hamilton Police Department, Hamilton Fire Department and the Health Department are working on obtaining an analysis of collected samples. HPD and HFD would like to stress there are no indications at this time the substance poses any immediate danger. There have been no reports of illnesses after contact with general citizens or from first responders. Pictured below are examples of the powdery substance encountered. Also pictured is a photo of a male that may be able to provide more information to police about this substance. If anyone recognizes this male or knows his whereabouts, please contact Detective Henson at 513-868-5811 x1237, or contact the dispatch center at 513-785-1300.

Also, if you find any of this substance please call the dispatch center to report it immediately and public safety personnel will respond. Thank you for your assistance!

Well, yeah, just look at that Super Mario lookin’ ass guy. If he ain’t poisoning rats, you know he’s thinking about it, unless it’s anthrax in that bag, in which case he’s going to kill us all!

As always in stories of these kind, the reader comments are where the action is. My favorite comment comes from a man identifying himself as Timothy Teague Sr., who has this to say: “So why not leave sawdust or something of that nature instead of worrying people. Oh these are crazy liberals who want attention.”

Crazy liberals!

Here we go, politicizing the hash, and the trail isn’t even cold yet!

I hope we haven’t come to the point where we need to start a Hasher Lives Matter movement in this country!


Free the Petersfield Dozen!

Hashing in Jolly Olde gets more like hashing in USA! USA! every day, it seems:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 7.11.42 AM
Click image to link to article

The reason I say that is buried in the last paragraphs of the Petersfield Post article:

Firefighters from Horndean, Waterlooville and Cosham were called at 5.44pm and although the incident turned out to be a false alarm, the authority insists the call couldn’t be taken lightly.

“We have fairly robust predetermined procedures to follow and this was no different,” confirmed a spokesman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Sadly, there are no reader comments, which often contain details not covered by the newspaper, nor is there any additional information on exactly how “the authority” plans not to take the false alarm lightly. Let us hope our more civilized brethren don’t go all New Haven on members of PDHHH!


Bashing Again, at Long Last

Since our friend Arthur Gash died last October, we haven’t been to a hash or bash (if you don’t count Gash’s memorial, that is). But we were back out today on a trail. Not just any trail but a trail with its own name: “Can You Ride the Waves?”

We could, and did, but Pick and I turned back early when we realized trail was going to be a hilly ballbuster, and us too out of shape to finish it without hurting ourselves. Yeah, I know, pretty lame. But we’ll work our way back into it.

Anyway, we saw about half the trail, including the waves, and it was a good one. Here are some photos:






Gone(?) but Not Forgotten

Stray Dog resurfaces! I thought he was gone, or at least that the unpleasantness between the two of us was. Wrong on both counts, it seems.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 9.15.30 AM

Well, if you want a copy of the pdf he writes about, just click on the image to link to it.


Been a While, Crocodile

UntitledYes, indeed … I haven’t posted here since Arthur Gash died in early November. I wrote and delivered a eulogy at Gash’s hash memorial and send-off, and one of the hashers there kindly took the photo on the left, mid-way though a proper roasting of our departed friend and hasher.

Since then I haven’t had much involvement with the hash, either the jHavelinas or the Pedalfiles, other than to raise bike hash hares for December and January.

December was fucked up … there were two sets of hares for separate mountain bike and road bike trails, and the night before it started to look like it’d be raining the next morning. The road bike hares texted me about canceling. I texted back, asking them to at least be at the start to tell anyone who showed up the bash was canceled. No acknowledgement, and on the morning of the bash–yes, it did rain–they unilaterally bailed. By text. And no, they didn’t bother to show up at the start. Fortunately, the mountain bike hare was there, eight or so intrepid bashers showed up, and they went ahead and had a muddy bash anyway.

Next was January. I asked the hares who bailed in December if they’d take it–once again, no reply. But then a hash miracle happened and another hare stepped up, and also offered to take on some mismanagement duties! Which is fantastic, because I’m fucking DONE with hare-raising. I’ve been at this for decades now, and it never changes: everybody wants a trail; finding someone to lay it is like pulling teeth.

And there’s this: Pick’n'Flick and I are so much older than everyone in the local bash and hash, and I don’t know about her but I’m beginning to feel superfluous, not so much as a hasher–there are plenty of people in their 70s who still hash–but as a member of mismanagement. Before Arthur Gash took over, I’d been the de facto GM of the bike hash, and now, with his passing, I am again. I sense a desire on the part of younger bashers to see less of me and more of someone their own age. I don’t take that personally. Gash was a fantastic GM, and I feel the same way. So maybe this new guy is the answer!

When I did the Half-Mind Upcoming Hash Events Calendar, I’d include a good hash photo with every monthly update. By good I mean a photo of hashers on trail somewhere in the world, not just pounding brewskis. I loved those photos, and I guess I wasn’t the only one. Oral Sex, founder and GM of the B.R.A.S. & Pants H3 in Edinburgh, has started a Hash House Harriers Gallery on Facebook, and hashers are beginning to post some great photos.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.41.37 AM

It’s a closed group for hashers only, but I think you can click on the link or the image, go to the group on Facebook, and click “join.” Oral will vet you to make sure you’re on of us, then add you as a member. If not, you can DM Oral, who goes by her real name on Facebook. I’m really glad she started this group: it’s a good use of Facebook for hashers.