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Half-Mind Interview: Oral Sex

I sought out Audrey “Oral Sex” Docherty for a Half-Mind interview because she’s one of those hashers you always hear about, active on social media, but who you never actually meet unless you go hashing in Scotland or one of the UK regional interhashes. I chased after her for a year before she agreed to answer my interview questions, and then another two years passed when she accidentally mislaid them!

If you’re patient, good things eventually happen. The interview questionnaire turned up, she filled it out and sent it in, and  voilà! We have an interview with Oral Sex!


Oral Sex with her son Bag Less Dyson

Oral Sex is a UK hasher living in Edinburgh, where she hashes with the B.R.A.S. & Pants H3. She’s been hashing for 29 years: during that time she put in 5 years as social secretary for The New Town (TNT) H3, her mother hash; for the past 12 years she’s been the Grand Mistress of the B.R.A.S. & Pants H3, which she founded.

B.R.A.S. & Pants H3, she explains, ”stands for Brewery Runs Around Scotland, Pants as in panting for beer.” B.R.A.S. & Pants H3 now does away events in addition to Edinburgh events, participating in European events and the UK Nash hash, as well as putting on brewery runs in Brussels, Kraków, and Vienna.

Oral Sex describes herself as an old school hasher, ecumenical when it comes to live and dead hare hashes (she’s done both, A-to-A and A-to-B trails (ditto), and singing at the circle.


When & where was your first hash?

TNT H3, Edinburgh.

How did you find the hash, or did the hash find you?

It found me and I took to it like a duck to water.

How did you get your hash name?

For cracking sexual innuendos.

Did you have a hashing mentor?

Charlie “The Brewer” Tuck.

Where was your first away hash?

North Hants, UK.

Where have you hashed?

Not as many places as I’d like, but I’m getting there now.

Are there places you haven’t hashed but would like to?

Have booked Mother Hash, would like to do Jordan.

Are there places you wouldn’t consider hashing?

No, within reason and safety.

Do you have any favorite haring techniques?

Yes, horrible fish hooks, underwear checks where you change bras (we are an underwear trail), back checks.

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you at a hash?

So many but at East Grinstead set a shiggy trail at Nash Hash; we hijacked the fire brigade and they hosed us down.

What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you at a hash?

Hypothermia at UK Nash Hash trying to encourage hashers into a freezing loch, losing car keys at Kraków. I did not lose them but we were charged £850 … scary.

What is the most dangerous trail you’ve done?

Aberdeen, I think the 1000th, I was on crutches, thought I could just float down the river like an aqua park till I hit rapids and waterfalls eek!

What has been your most remarkable hashing experience?

You know finding me! I was always a townie in with the in-crowd but never felt whole. The hash made me earthy and who I am.

If you could pick the location of a future Interhash, where would it be, and why?

Anywhere out of Indonesia. Choose a continent each time and work from there. If one does not want it pass over. All have to be reasonably safe.

What do you most love about hashing? What keeps you coming back?

My rock got me through so many hard times. Personal.

What part of hashing could you do without?

People thinking it’s fun to piss off Joe Public, that’s not what hashing is about. Hash politics and social climbers on the hash trying to be bigger and better in the wrong sort of way. Bringing the hash a bad name. Social media is a blessing and curse.

Have your attitudes toward hashing or hashers changed over the years?

Yes, I think more new ones need to know our roots and how we were founded and grasp the soul of the hash.

Has hashing affected your personal or professional life?

It has been my saviour, love it to the bones that’s why I am so passionate about preserving its good name.

Do you tell everyone you meet about the hash, or only people you think might become good hashers?

Bit of both, a little to any I don’t think will hash, mega to any one I think should.

Are there certain things all hashers should believe in?

Tradition, bringing new blood into the body of the kirk, respect others and follow the country code. Also get pissed and have fun but enjoy and learn from others where possible. I have not travelled a lot but am getting there now. Hash knowledge is amazing.

What do you think you’ve contributed to hashing?

The B.R.A.S. & Pants H3 is mine. I could not afford to do a lot of events when I was younger. Weekends away were a lot of work, but we (B.R.A.S. & Pants) were back to basics at a shoestring price. I hope I can always say I did my best.

What’s in your hashing future?

Hash travel, cramming in as much as I can.

Anything else? 

Can I just say my son Bag Less Dyson is autistic and proud like I am of him. The hash played a big part in his life. The U.K. Alternative will be in Edinburgh, and half the funds raised by the tartan dress run will be for autism.

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