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Twenty-Two Questions for Catwoman

Catwoman singing at InterAmericas Hash

Catwoman singing at InterAmericas Hash

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, hashers knew all of two songs: He’s a Blue and Why Are We Waiting. But there were a few itinerant songmasters going from hash to hash, teaching others to sing. I was one, so was Catwoman. Thanks to the hash list, we found each other and reached out to others . . . Mu-Sick, Dum Buff, ZiPpY, Ian Cumming . . . ah, those were the days!

So I guess it’s only natural I’d want to interview Catwoman. Born Sandra Power in West Palm Beach, Florida, Catwoman now lives and hashes in Dayton, Ohio. She’s been hashing almost 20 years, has been a GM, Hash Cash, and of course a Songmaster, and is the founder of a hash: B.A.B.E.S. (Babes and Bitches Enjoy Sex) HHH. Besides singing and songwriting, Catwoman’s a fan of mixed hashing and enjoys both A-to-A and A-to-B trails, laid either live or dead.

On-On to the interview!


Catwoman, When was your first hash?

My fist hash was the second running of Emerald Coast HHH. I think it might have been April and it was about 1989 or 1990. I lean towards 89.

How did you find the hash?

There was an ad in the base paper for a fun running group. I had taken up running because the doctors in Korea had told me that I should take up any sport that did not involve the use of arms since my shoulders were so bad (right Pittsburgh, heehee). I took my 12 year old with me (Sweet Cheeks) and we both have been crazy ever since.

How did you get your hash name?

Emerald Coast was very PG, with all the members being officers except for me. The base general even came with his son and ran sometimes. So, since I bred Persian cats, they named me Catwoman. Much cleaner name than the one Pensacola gave me.

Did you have a hashing mentor? Who?

Mu-Sick. You can all blame him for having to endure my singing and songwriting.

Where was your first away hash?

Blue Heron’s 69th hash, which is where I first met Jammies the Toe Sucker.

Where have you hashed?

Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Alaska, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Toronto, Canada (the other US) South Dakota, Ireland, Wales, Costa Rica, Trinidad, Tobago, Puerto Rico, St Maartin and that is all that I can remember.

Are there places you haven’t hashed but would like to?

Scotland, England, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark.

Are there places you wouldn’t consider hashing?

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan.

Do you have a favorite haring technique?

Trombone — take the FRBs out long and swing them back so the old farts in the rear can short cut a chunk off and still keep up on the regular trail.

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you at a hash?

As my husband looms over my shoulder — the best thing that ever happened to me at a hash was when he proposed to me in the circle. How many ladies can get proposed to and puked on by the same man on the same night?

What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you at a hash?

Pittsburgh campout around 95ish. The HUUUUUUUGEEEEEE mountain, the raging river that I tried to dog paddle across, scaling the 2000 foot elevation change — all up of course, no flat spots. No soda at the top, going down the other side, starting to slide down the side of the mountain and making the very bad judgment call to grab that passing tree branch. Grab tree, keep sliding, tree bends. More sliding, tree bends more. Still sliding, tree says “up yours” and straightens up. Drags me back up the hill, ripping my shoulder out of the socket in the process. I start off in the bass range yelling “Oh “ — three octaves later and higher, I am through the “son of a” part and am in the falsetto range finishing with “bitch.” Bad part: I am in the middle of nowhere with about a half a dozen people that I have just scared the crap out of. I still have to get down the mountain. I do it after putting my shoulder back in the socket. Then the fun part — I have to get over that river again and I have not learned how to swim in the two hours since the last time I crossed it. Now of course I have no shoulder. I have one guy on one side of me swimming one handed and holding one side of my shorts, another guy on the other side of me swimming one handed and holding on to the other side of my shorts, and me frantically swimming in the middle, dog paddling with one hand. Finished back at the camp with the hypo’s. Hypoglycemic, hypovolemic, hypothermic, and shocky.

Was that the most dangerous trail you’ve done, or was there one even worse?

Emerald Coast Interam tromping through the swamp up to my hoohaa for an hour or so. Can you say water mocs and gators? I was BORN in Florida for heavens sake, I SHOULD know better.

If you could pick the location of a future Interhash, where would it be, and why?

Germany. Nice central location that a lot of people could get to without a 21 hour plane ride. Fabulous scenery, and the best beer in the world, except for maybe Trappist ale.

What do you most love about hashing?

For the most part, groups of generally highly educated, intelligent people who like to cut loose a little and get crazy.

What keeps you coming back to the hash?

They keep letting me.

Is there any part of hashing you could do without?

The attitude some have to steal personal property, damage personal property, and try to whine that it is all just hashing and you are the spoilsport if you don’t tolerate their lack of respect for anyone.

Have your attitudes toward hashing or hashers changed over the years?

Don’t like cliquish kennels and get really aggravated at the young and strong who belittle us who are not anymore and think we should not be allowed to come to the hash.

Has hashing affected your personal or professional life, for good or ill?

Hashing is a great way to burn off the aggression and aggravation of the PC world.

Do you tell everyone you meet about the hash, or only people you think might become good hashers?

Only the people that I think might be interested and that I would actually want to associate with.

Are there certain things all hashers should believe?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

What have you contributed to hashing?

Some people enjoy my songs, and I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE entertaining people.

What’s in your hashing future?

Getting healthy enough to get back on trail again and off the short bus.

Did I mention that Catwoman has written several hash songs? Here’s one:

Tiny Thing
Melody – The Happy Wanderer (click to play)

When he was a little tot
He found his ding a ling
And every night in his wee cot
He’d rub his tiny thing

Tiny thing,
Tiny thing,
He’d rub his tiny thing

He’s older now
A man full grown
He thinks that he’s Tarzan
But when he lays his lady down
She calls him “Minute Man”

Minute Man,
Minute Man,
She calls him “Minute Man”

He’s withered now,
He’s old and gray
His bone gives him the blues
It used to rise up with the day
Now it looks down at his shoes

At his shoes,
At his shoes,
It looks down at his shoes

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