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This is a collection of conversations with harriers and harriettes around the world. I started conducting interviews to share¬†hashers’ experiences and what they think about hashing.

The hashers I interview are those who, in my opinion, contribute something to hashing. Some of them organize InterHashes and regional events. Some publish hash newsletters and websites. Some are traveling hashers who go out of their way to visit kennels around the world. Some are old-timers with great stories to tell. All of them inspire me, and I think they’ll inspire you too.

Some of my interview subjects are personal friends. Others I’ve briefly met at away events like InterHash, but there are some I’ve never met face-to-face and know of only by reputation. Some of these hashers are well-known. Some are not. Each of them has something to say to the rest of us.

I post new interviews to the blog but archive them here so that readers can more easily browse through them. Here are the hashers I’ve spoken with to date, with links to their interviews:

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