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The Ask Doctor Down-Down Archives

With Dr. Down-Down Without Dr. Down-Down

Until his incarceration, Doctor Down-Down was resident Hash House Harrier advice columnist for the Half-Mind Catalog, and, later, the Half-Mind Weblog. Since he is currently serving a 99-year prison term, we announce with regret that the doctor will no longer respond to reader queries … not because he can’t get mail, but because the kind of letters we get from hashers would never get past the censors at the Laramie Mens’ Correctional Facility.

The Holistic Health Hospice has been boarded up and the staff has moved on:  Nurse Wretched, though not convicted, nevertheless had her nursing license revoked and is now teaching first grade at Cleveland’s Donald R. Trump Charter School; Sally, clinic charperson, is hostessing at an Applebee’s in Cupertino; Flying Booger, clinic piss boy, is an unemployed blogger in Tucson.

Alert readers will note that the “Get Advice” button is still functional.  During the final years of Doctor Down-Down’s tenure as Half-Mind advice columnist, as he became more deeply involved in his do-it-yourself home liposuction kit mail-order business, he began delegating reader queries to piss boy Flying Booger.  By early 2009, Flying Booger had largely taken over the Ask Doctor Down-Down column.

With these qualifications, and as one who knew Dr. Down-Down as well as anyone (with the possible exception of Nurse Wretched), Flying Booger will answer reader queries.  So by all means, if you are in need of advice, click the “Get Advice” button and ask away!

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