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Public Perceptions

From: (name withheld)
Subject: immature hashers
To: Flying Booger
Date: Monday, June 21, 2010, 6:53 AM

I am wondering, have you ever blogged about adult hashers throwing food/napkins, etc. at an on-afters? There is a bunch of hashers in our kennel that end up throwing stuff at every on-after . . . and I HATE IT (yes, all caps used on purpose). Being the RA and an ex-server, I was more than embarrassed with this behavior. At Saturday’s on-after I had to dismiss myself from the table and go sit at another table away from the immaturity because I felt heat rising from beneath my collar. These wankers have no clue how their behavior can damage our reputation as a kennel with the local establishments. Sooner or later, we’ll end up spending the on-afters sitting on the tailgates of our trucks eating bologna sandwiches, and it would be well-deserved, unfortunately.

On On,
(name withheld)

Every now and then hashers send me letters they’ve gotten from citizens complaining about how hashers ruined a dinner or a birthday party by invading a restaurant and acting like a bunch of drunks, singing and shouting and driving regular patrons away. Of course to the hashers who get and share these complaints, it’s all a big joke.

We hashers like to think we’re special, that there’s something about the hash that sets us apart from other groups. And I agree. You name any other social group . . . Rotarians, rugby clubs, Girl Scouts, Roadrunners of America . . . somewhere, at some level, there’s a CEO and a salaried staff running things. Not the hash. We’re in it for the love of hashing and nothing else, and to my mind that makes us unique.

But when hashers get drunk we’re indistinguishable from any other pack of drunks. And hashers, through their public behavior and constant repetition of that goddamned Drinking Club with a Running Problem mantra, make hashing synonymous with drunkenness in the public eye.

Figure 1: drunks in public, alienating same

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep on saying it: hashing is an underground activity. Go ahead and get drunk and sing Drink Motherfucker Drink Motherfucker Drink Motherfucker Drink as loud as you want, if that’s your idea of hashing, but keep it underground. Keep it underground for the love of hashing, which is harmed by bad public behavior. Keep it underground for your fellow hashers, not all of whom deserve to be branded as boorish drunks.

Figure 2: drunk hashers on private propetry, alienating nobody

- Flying Booger

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