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Don’t Lump Walkers in with Leeches

More hash list madness. Some hashers are trying to drum up interest in an upcoming event to be held in Virginia in July, but the event itself does not involve hashing, just drinking and drinking games.

What is the hash list for, if not for debating the great issues of hashing?

Yet another sad day in Hashdom . . . the party set has progressed to the point where they do not even pretend to run a hash, they just skip it entirely and go straight to the drinking. Rather pathetic if you ask me. This is not hashing.

On On,

I respond:

My only issue with the tippy cup event was deciding whether to put it on the Half-Mind Calendar. From the Hashspace event writeup I couldn’t tell if it was hashing or just drinking, and had to ask. The answer was “no hashing involved,” so I left it off the calendar.

I don’t have a problem with the event itself. Lots of hashers get together for extrahashticular activities. Why should they not?

I’d have a problem if a group called itself a hash but only got together for drinking and parties. Just like I have a problem with people who show up to drink at the start, drive to the end, and drink at the circle. Such people make my skin crawl. I’m with you on that, Hazukashii!

On On,
Flying Booger

Yet another hasher is heard from:

Nooo Booger, those are “walkers’ trails.”

Now that I think about it, that is one of the Great Debates around here, right up there with the keg/can debate. Should the hare have a map or other method for walkers to go straight to the beer checks?


I know Dinghy understands the difference between real walkers and the people he speaks about in his email. But not everyone does, so please allow me to explain that difference:

Plenty of hashers walk trail. They hike, they climb hills, they forge through shiggy, they ford streams, they solve checks . . . they do everything other hashers do, only slower. Almost every hasher has walked trail at least once, whether due to hangover, temporary injury, or simple exhaustion. As hashers get older, more and more of them give up running and take up walking. In many kennels, the split between runners and walkers is approaching 50/50.

But as long as walkers do trail, they’re hashing. Some hares accommodate walkers with slightly shorter trails, so that runners and walkers finish together. Some hares don’t, and walkers take the same trail as the runners. It’s up to the hares. As a walker, you take what the hares give you . . . and you never, ever, bitch about it.

When walkers start demanding shorter trails, maps, or shortcuts, it’s time to wave the bullshit flag. I’m with Dinghy. If you’re a walker and you think trails are too long in your hash, then either sign up to hare or start your own goddamn hash.

But to confuse civilians who skip trail and merely show up at the circle to drink beer with honorable hashers who walk is simply wrong. A walker is a hasher who walks trail. A civilian who skips trail and shows up at the end to drink our beer is a fucking leech, and not a hasher.

I know that honorable hashers (runners and walkers) are sometimes unable to do trail. As the acknowledged arbiter of all things hashing, I graciously grant temporary (and ONLY temporary, mind you) trail-skipping dispensations to hashers too gravely ill or seriously injured to do trail, but who still want to drink beer with their mates. But I want to see notes from your doctors!

- Flying Booger

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