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Catching Up with Patchwork-Quilt

When I first began publishing lists of hash events and contacts in 1993, I came into contact with the other hash publishers of the day: Tim “Magic” Hughes in Thailand (Harrier International), Spock and Stray Dog in the States (InterHashional News and Global Trash), and Sea Xplanation in Denmark (Hash Events on a List).

Of the various newsletters and magazines, the one that came to be closest to my heart (probably because it was closest to what I was doing myself with my Whole Hash Catalog) was InterHashional News, started in 1991 by a Florida hasher named Patchwork-Quilt, who was also the father of InterAmericas Hash, a major regional interhash that has met every other year since 1984.

patchwork quilt_2

Patchwork Quilt, Shellshocked, Flying Booger (InterAm 2009)

It was my great pleasure to interview Patchwork-Quilt during InterAmericas Hash 2009 in Colorado. Yes, he still attends every one, and you can meet him yourself at IAH 2011 in Savannah, Georgia.

Born Giles D.B. Paget-Wilkes in Bath, England, Patchwork-Quilt now lives in Tangerine, Florida, where he hashes with Mosquito County H3 and Florida Hill Country H3. He’s been hashing for more than 30 years, and during that time has served the hash as GM, RA, and Beermaster. In addition to founding InterAmericas Hash, Patchwork-Quilt also founded the Ben Hill H3 in Georgia, Panama City H3 in Panama, Mosquito County H3 in Florida, Algiers H3 in Algeria, Palm Beach Bikeo Psychos in Florida, and midwifed the founding of two other Central American kennels.

I asked Patchwork-Quilt about the basic hash traditions he grew up with. His answers:

  • Mixed kennels
  • Live hare
  • A-to-B trails
  • Singing

On-On to the interview:


When & where was your first hash?

San Jose H3, Costa Rica.

How did you find the hash, or did the hash find you?

A wandering Englishman selling cheese turned up at my ranch one day in Belize, Central America and told me all about it over a beer so I visited the San Jose H3 and have been hashing ever since!

Did you have a hashing mentor? Who?

Bill “Bambi” Barbee of San Jose H3.

When & where was your first away hash?

Traveled all over Latin America for many years, hashed at every opportunity.

Where have you hashed?

Four continents so far!

Are there places you haven’t hashed but would like to?


Do you have any favorite haring techniques?

Shiggy terrain.

What is the most dangerous trail you’ve done?

As the hare, laying trail with spray paint, ran into Manuel Noriega’s Presidential Guard in Panama City and had to explain in Spanish that I was not spraying “anti Noriega” graffiti, before the pack caught up with me!

What has been your most remarkable hashing experience?

Haring a “real” April Fools Hash: arranged with the hare of another hash in the same city to lay trail in the same area as me, using different coloured flour we met in the middle and switched flour bags AND complete packs without any of them knowing until they arrived at the “wrong” beer truck ! We switched everyone back at a joint “on after.”

Has hashing affected your personal or professional life (for good or ill)?

Have lost one wife and one business so far, partly due to my Hashing habit!

Do you tell everyone you meet about the hash, or only people you think might become good hashers?

Used to tell everyone, now I am a little more selective.

What do you think you’ve contributed to hashing?

The main Interhash in the Americas , which got hashers all networking back in ’84 long before everyone had a computer, now it is so easy!

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