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What It Is

I’m Flying Booger and this is my Hash House Harrier blog, an online journal about hashing.

I’ve been hashing since 1989 and writing about my experiences since 1990. I founded the Half-Mind Catalog, the original internet magazine for Hash House Harriers. I’ve also been a regular contributor to international hashing magazines, including Harrier International, Global Trash, InterHashional News, On-On Magazine, and Asia-Pacific Harrier. If you’d like to know more about me, here’s my complete hash bio.

How to navigate the Half-Mind Weblog: posts are organized in diary fashion, with the latest entry at the top of the home page. Use the archives and categories links on the sidebar to look up posts dating back to January 2004, when I started this blog. The tabs across the top of the page link to hashing information and resources sections. From any page or subsection of the blog, just click on the Half-Mind Weblog logo at the top to return to the home page.

This is a blog for hashers, not just a place for me to vent. I encourage reader comments and debate. You don’t have to be a registered user to comment on any post. If you’re commenting for the first time I have to approve it first; after that your comments will appear immediately.

Please enjoy your visit to the Half-Mind Weblog!