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Welcome to the Half-Mind Cookbook, a collection of recipes by hashers, for hashers. If you’re looking for Crouton’s Kitchen, my personal cooking blog, click the link, because you’re in the wrong place!

A cookbook? What does a cookbook have to do with hashing? Plenty, that’s what. As anyone who has organized a hash picnic or on-after cookout knows, feeding the pack can be as much of a challenge as laying a good trail or organizing an interhash. The Half-Mind Cookbook is here to help with proven, pack-pleasin’ recipes.

Some of the recipes in this cookbook come from my original Half-Mind Cookbook, compiled in 1996. With the permission of Mary Anne “Private Party” Curray, Melanie “Manhandler” Martin, and Peggy “Mary Poppins” Trader of the La Jolla Hash House Harriers, this new edition of the Half-Mind Cookbook incorporates La Jolla’s outstanding Hash Cookbook, full of hash-tested recipes. This is a cookbook by hashers for hashers . . . I hope you’ll find it entertaining and useful.

The Half-Mind Cookbook is a work in progress . . . if you’d like to see your favorite on-after and hash party recipes in the cookbook, just send ‘em in!

On On,
Flying Booger