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Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary: S

  • Self-Appointed Officious Asshole: see Hash God.
  • Shag Bag: bag of dry/warm clothing for use after the hash; see Dry Bag and Hash Bag.
  • Shandy: “lady’s” down-down drink made of beer and ginger ale; most often seen in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • Shiggy: jungle, thick vegetation, rocks, cliffs, streams, etc; especially mud.
  • Shiggy-Shaggy: mispronounced variation of Ziggy-Zaggy.
  • Shit Trail: a really good trail.
  • Shitty: adjective used to describe a really good trail.
  • Short-Cutting: attempting to short-cut the trail, see Zenning and Ranging; encouraged in some hashes, forbidden in others.
  • Short-Cutting Bastard (SCB): habitual short-cutter.
  • Singapore Back Check (SBC): trail mark* indicating that true trail branched off somewhere between the SBC mark and the previous check.
  • Sixty-Nine: a number fraught with significance.
  • Slutty: general-use adjective used to describe something as strong, robust, or satisfying; opposite of Gay.
  • Song Master: mismanagement member who leads down-down songs and teaches the pack new songs.
  • Sweep (also Sweeper): experienced member of the pack who is assigned to follow hashers on trail to ensure no one gets lost; this function is sometimes performed by a dead hare.
  • * Asterisked trail marks are made by hares only.

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