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Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary: R

  • Racism: talking about racing or races at the hash; comparing hashers’ performances in terms of speed, etc.;a violation of etiquette; see R-word.
  • Ranging: the process whereby certain hounds run with total disregard for the trail; similar to short-cutting.
  • Receding Hareline: list of upcoming hash events, normally printed in the hash trash.
  • Red Dress Run: theme hash where participants wear red dresses; variations include lingerie runs, mini-skirt runs, muumuu runs, nude runs, etc.
  • Rego: 1) registration form for a hash event; 2) another hasher’s event registration (as in “Flying Booger is trying to sell his InterAm rego”).
  • Regroup: trail mark* indicating that hounds are to wait for all members of the pack to arrive before setting out again.
  • Religious Adviser/Advisor (RA): mismanagement member normally in charge of blessing the hash and settling disputes over tradition; in many hashes, RAs conduct the down-down ceremonies.
  • Respect: reverential attitude of right-thinking pack members toward the GM during the circle and down-downs (also see Hash Respect).
  • Road Whore: 1) hasher who travels frequently, hashing where he goes; 2) mismanagement member responsible for organizing road trips to other hashes or hash events and encouraging participation in same.
  • Rule: universally-understood tenet of acceptable hash behavior; never called a “rule” but often euphemized as “tradition” or “hash etiquette.”
    • Rule # 1: “There are no rules.”
    • Rule # 2: “See Rule # 1.”
    • Rule # 6: “No poofters!”
  • R-word: euphemism for “race,” “run,” or “rule.”
  • * Asterisked trail marks are made by hares only.

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