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Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary: P

  • Pack: hashers in pursuit of the hare; see Hounds.
  • Pack Arrow: mark left by a member of the pack indicating direction taken; follow at your own peril.
  • Paper: substance used to mark trail; see Chalk, Flour.
  • Pelican Drinking: drinking another hasher’s vomit; extreme form of debauchery borrowed from rugby.
  • Phantom Hare: secret (unannounced) hare.
  • Photo Hash: theme hash where hares leave photographs on trail to tell the pack where to go next; a variation is the “Clue Hash,” where hares leave written clues for the pack.
  • Pick-Up Hash: hash where the hare is chosen at the last minute, usually through drawing lots; head starts are shorter and the hare is expected to be caught often (the hound catching the hare becomes the next hare, and so on).
  • Piss: see Beer.
  • Pissed: drunk.
  • Piss Off: phrase meaning “go away,” “get fucked,” etc.
  • Piss-Up: drinking session, party.
  • Piss Wagon: see B-Van.
  • Player: obnoxious asshole; see Poofter.
  • Poofter: literally, a homo; in hash use, 1. a homo; 2. anyone not welcome at the hash (see Rule # 6); 3. a poseur; 4. a person who hangs around the hash but isn’t really a hasher; 5. a major whinger; 6. a non-contributor in general; 7. a “player”; 8. a hasher who stops at a check and waits for other hashers to solve it before proceeding.
  • Poofterism: behavior associated with poofters.
  • Pre-Lay: act of laying the trail or sections thereof before the hash; sometimes a violation, sometimes not, depending on kennel traditions; like masturbation, widely practiced but seldom admitted.
  • Private Party: act of participating in a non-circle conversation, thereby showing disrespect to the GM during down-downs.
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