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The Power of the Veto

At Sunday’s Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash we decided to name three hashers. When I founded the PISS I didn’t plan to bestow hash names at all. At the start all our members were named hashers anyway, but over time we began to grow our own, people who didn’t hash with other area groups and who never had hash names to begin with. After a while, our unnamed hashers decided they wanted hash names, and we have now named several.

During Sunday’s Q&A session with one of the unnamed harriettes, someone in the pack began asking a bunch of leading questions about her religion. It was clear that the questioner knew the harriette was Jewish and was determined to get her to admit it, as if saying you’re Jewish is something to be confessed, like alcoholism or having served time. Later, when we began discussing potential names, some members of the naming committee seemed to feel the harriette’s religion was the only possible foundation for a hash name.

You can see when a hash naming is about to go bad. In the past I’ve vetoed a few bad namings and was beginning to think I’d have to do it again, when one member of the naming committee, a harrier who happens to be Jewish himself, put his foot down: “Enough of this shit,” he said, and everybody straightened right out.

The veto. Where would we be without it?

- Flying Booger

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