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Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary: O

  • On-Afters: see Apres, On-On-Ons, On-On-On-Ons.
  • “On-Back”: shouted by FRBs to the pack when FRBs encounter a back check.
  • On-Before: where hashers gather before the start of the hash, usually a public establishment.
  • On-Home: 1) trail’s end, also On-In; 2) trail mark* indicating proximity to end.
  • On-In: see On-Home.
  • On-Off: start of trail.
  • “On-On”: 1) shouted by FRBs or hounds to indicate they’re on trail, sometimes used only to indicate true trail; 2) trail mark* in lieu of a true trail arrow.
  • On-On-Ons: see Apres, On-Afters, On-On-On-Ons.
  • On-On-On-Ons: see Apres, On-Afters, On-On-Ons.
  • “On-One” (“On-Two,” etc): shouted by FRBs or hounds to indicate the number of flour marks they’ve seen on an unexplored trail, usually after a check.
  • On-Sec: mismanagement member in charge of hash rosters, run records, etc.
  • On-Sex: 1) plural of on-sec; 2) variation of on-sec.
  • “On the Ice!”: command given by the GM or RA to down-down recipients, directing them to sit on the ice while doing a down-down.
  • On-Up! (also on-across, on-down, on-under, on-over, on-through, etc): shout be leading runners to trailing runners, alerting them to upcoming trail challenges.
  • On-X: trail mark* meaning “on-across,” usually found near freeways, airport runways, rivers, etc.
  • Oz: Australia.
  • * Asterisked trail marks are made by hares only.

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