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Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary: H

  • Handle: hasher’s nickname; see Hash Name.
  • Hare: hasher who lays the trail; see Live Hare, Dead Hare.
  • Hare Arrow: trail mark*, normally means “true trail,” but not always.
  • Hare Raiser: mismanagement member in charge of lining up hares for future trails.
  • Harrier: 1) any hasher, male or female; 2) a male hasher.
  • Harriette: female hasher.
  • Hash: 1) the Hash House Harriers, as in “I run with the hash”; 2) an individual kennel, as in “I run with the New York Hash”; 3) the actual event, as in “I saw my mates at the hash”; 4) trail marks*, as in chalk, flour, or paper.
  • Hash Bag: bag of dry clothes and other post-trail necessities; see Shag Bag.
  • Hash Cash: 1) mismanagement member; the treasurer; 2) financial resources of the hash.
  • Hash Crier: mismanagement member; calls other members to let them know when and where runs will start.
  • Hash Devil: mismanagement member; in some hashes, the person in charge of down-downs or singling hashers out for violations; see Couth Monger.
  • Hasher: any Hash House Harrier.
  • Hash Etiquette: euphemism for “rule”; see Rule # 1.
  • Hash Flash: hash photographer.
  • Hash God: see Self-Appointed Officious Assholes.
  • Hash Haberdasher: mismanagement member in charge of procuring and selling T-shirts, hats, mementos, etc.
  • Hash Harlot: mismanagement member, often a female religious adviser; meaning varies between kennels.
  • Hash Horn: mismanagement member; carries a horn or bugle on trail, blows it to encourage and guide the pack.
  • Hash House: 1) the Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, meeting place of the Mother Hash; 2) any hash hangout, usually a bar or pub.
  • Hash House Harrier: see Hasher.
  • Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3): 1) hashers; 2) the hash.
  • Hash House Horrors: 1) hashers’ children; 2) a childrens’ hash (as in Java Hash House Horrors).
  • Hash Hymn: song sung by the pack during down-downs; see International Hash Hymn.
  • Hashing: the act of running a hash trail or attending a hashing event.
  • Hash-l: international e-mail list for hashers.
  • Hash Master: mismanagement member; see Grand Master.
  • Hash Name: nickname, sometimes unsavory or indelicate, usually bestowed on a harrier or harrierette by the grand master, mismanagement, or the circle after a set number of runs or in honor of a notable incident; not used by all hashes.
  • Hash Olympics: games played during interhashes, usually involving drinking; can involve debauchery.
  • Hash Quack: mismanagement member in charge of administering first aid to injured hashers.
  • Hash Respect: paying attention during down-downs or the circle (also see Respect).
  • Hash Scribe: mismanagement member normally in charge of writing the hash trash.
  • Hash Shit (Hash-It, Hashit): offensive or embarrassing object given to a hasher for notable on-trail accomplishments, normally carried by the awardee on subsequent trails until it is awarded to someone else; sometimes also used as a nickname for the awardee.
  • Hash Trash: newsletter containing writeups of past runs and announcements of upcoming events.
  • Hash Time: an erratic measure of a precise phenomena; if a hash is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm, the actual start may be 2:17, 2:29, 3:07, or even later.
  • Hat: in most hashes, not to be worn while doing down-downs.
  • Hounds: the body of hashers in pursuit of the hare, see Pack.
  • HUYA: hash shit-like award, normally a toilet plunger; acronym stands for “head up your ass.”
  • * Asterisked trail marks are made by hares only.

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