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Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary: D

  • Dead Fucking Last (DFL): last member of pack to finish trail, sometimes honored during down-downs (though this goes against the grain of hashing’s “non-competitive” ethos).
  • Dead Hare: hare who lays the entire trail before the hounds set out; sometimes accompanies the hounds to ensure they don’t get lost (see Sweeper). 
  • Dead on Trail (DOT): hopelessly lost. 
  • Debauchery: any of a variety of morale-building co-ed down-down activities indulged in by hashers, usually (but not always) confined to American and Australiian hashing circles. 
  • Decision Point (DP): see Check
  • Disorganization: see Mismanagement
  • Doo-Loop: see Circle Jerk
  • Down-Down: the ceremony of quaffing a beverage during down-downs. 
  • Down-Downs: ceremonial honoring of deserving hashers after the trail, part of the circle. 
  • Down-Down Box: a clearly defined square or rectangular area in which all down-downs are consumed; anyone who enters the box, for whatever reason, must do a down-down. 
  • Dry Bag: see Shag Bag.
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