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Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary: A

  • Alcohol Abuse: spilling or otherwise wasting beer at any time during a hash, especially during down-downs.
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM): in many hashes, the occasion for annual erections of hash mismanagement; in others, an excuse for a party; see Annual General Piss Up
  • Annual General Piss Up (AGPU): see Annual General Meeting
  • Apres: dinner, drinking, or continued partying after hash formalities have concluded; see On-Afters, On-On-Ons, On-On-On-Ons
  • “Are You?” (R U?): question shouted by the pack to FRBs, meaning “Are you on trail?” 
  • Arrow: directional trail mark; see True Trail Arrow, Pack Arrow
  • A-to-A: trail that ends where it starts. 
  • A-to-A-: trail that ends near the start (also called A-to-A+, A-to-A’, A-to-A.5, A-to-A 1/2). 
  • A-to-B: point-to-point trail (trail that starts one place, ends another; if it’s a really long trail sometimes called A-to-Z). 
  • Auto-Hashing: hitching a ride to the end, a heinous violation of hash etiquette. 
  • Award: award bestowed on a hasher during down-downs; see Hash Shit.
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