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Melody — A, You’re Adorable

When Flying Booger was serenading Pick’n'Flick,
He sure could quote a lot of poetry
But he’d much rather tell her
What he learned in his classroom
When they both attended PS Thirty-Three . . .

A, you’re a big bimbo,

B, you’ve got boobs not brains,

C, you go for any cock at all,

D, like ev’ry dumbass skirt,

E, you exist to flirt,

F, did I hear a pussy fart?

G, you’ve got gonorrhea,

H, pubic hair to your knees,

I, eyes that sneak and peek and twitch,

J, you can jack my jizz,

K, you can kiss my phizz,

L, you’re a lyin’ two-faced bitch,

M-N-O-P, menstrual stains on your sheet,

Q-R-S-T, alphabetically speaking you’re a C-U-N-T

U, make my penis ooze,

V-D down to your feet,


I love to wander through the alphabet with you,
To tell the Harriers what you mean to me.