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First things first: hash songs are nasty. Please don’t request a copy of the Half-Mind Hash Hymnal if you’re a minor or if you object to offensive, sexist, racist, blasphemous, immature, insensitive content.

What, you’re still here? Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Bawdy songs have always been part of the hashing tradition.  In 1994, Colorado Springs hasher Zippy and I pooled our resources to produce a 400-song Hash Hymnal.  Since Zippy’s death in 2003, I’ve added over 400 additional songs contributed by hashers around the world.

Currently the Half-Mind Hash Hymnal is up to more than 800 songs and is over 780 pages long in MS Word format.  Due to bandwidth issues I’ve had to delete download links from this site.  Contact me if you want a copy and I’ll email one to you.

Do you have a song to contribute to the Half-Mind Hash Hymnal?  Click here to submit it.

See you in the Circle!