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Guest Post: On-On to Hogtown

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

7 Minutes, Aaliyah and I are ready to take to the road for IAH ’05. I’m going to have fun but, gosh darn it, it’s not going to be the same. This is the first hash road trip since our daughter was born, and 7 Mins. is not even doing the hash… she wouldn’t even be going if it weren’t from our friends who are getting married. (Getting married in Canada because the US won’t allow them this most basic respect because of the “misfortune” that they were both born male.)

The plan is to try to pass through Baltimore and pass by Rubber Maiden’s hospital room. While I was overseas, I lost track of him, and it turns out he’s had a nasty bout with cancer that has him off trail. I didn’t learn about this until I saw it on hash-l… proving hash-l has some value, after all, no matter what Haz says.

But why do people feel that their political views are so strong they can’t be separated from the hash? It’s hypocritical: if they were such idelogues, they should be out politicking and not hashing. I don’t go to a rally and start chugging beer. I mean, please.

So we’re driving to Hogtown, in two days. We’ll stop somewhere in upstate Pennsylvania (is that a place?) and tomorrow get up and move on to Toronto.

We have a passport for our five-month-old. Why? Because she’s going to another country, and you use passports to travel to another country. Why is this concept so difficult for people. Stop whining, get your ten-year passport, and see the world.

Hmm … I might be a little grouchy heading off on this road trip. See you on the other side.

Oh, lastly: for the last three or four IAHs I have run into Hogtown’s Kazoo on the Okinawa trail. It’s really weird. We’ll both be shortcutting, meet up, run a bit and catch up, then part ways and not see each other again until Sunday or Monday. This time I’m skipping Oki (it’s a family thang) and Kazoo is a grand poobah in the dis-organization committee. Ah, times are a-changin’.

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