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KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash 3/23/19

A pretty small pack showed up at El Guero Canelo on Tucson’s East Side for yesterday’s Knuckledraggers H3 Baja Arizona Mash: Wankers Aweigh. But that was plenty, because it was a short trail anyway, the hare having to get home in time to dress for a wedding.

Flying Booger led the pack from behind so he could get video of the trail. Since motorcycle videos are so much more interesting if there’s a motorcycle or two out front, Wankers took the lead over Gates Pass and down into Graboid Territory* west of the Tucson Mountains.

Riding up Gates Pass

Riding down Gates Pass

From Gates Pass trail took us on the McCain Loop through Saguaro National Park West, where we came up behind some potential members on Harleys. At the stop sign, Wankers shouted “RU?” When the dudebros and their lady shrugged, Wankers shouted back “Well fuck you then, you can’t join our club,” and we sped off, leaving them in the dust on Kinney Road.

Recruiting prospective Knuckledraggers in Saguaro West

On-afters were at Fred’s Arena, an place you have to have been to in order to even find it, hidden down a dirt road south of the Ajo Highway, halfway between Ryan Airfield and Three Points. Lucky for us, the sand wasn’t deep on the dirt road and neither of us took a spill on the way to or from Fred’s.

Fred’s Arena

Fred’s isn’t just a bar, steakhouse, and outdoor dining and dancing area. It’s a working ranch with horses and a smithy, where Fred builds wagons and stagecoaches like they did in the 1800s, wagons that are features in the annual Tucson Rodeo Parade. Fred’s daughter Connie took our photo in front of one of Fred’s latest builds, which she saw us admiring. Oh did I mention the place is a biker hang? But you probably guessed that. We did too, and by the time the enraged Harley contingent came wallowing down the dirt road, Wankers and I were long gone.

Wankers & Flying Booger with one of Fred’s wagons

We have a hare for April, and that hare is Wankers Aweigh. Info on April’s Mash will be sent out by email and posted to the KDH3 Baja Arizona Facebook page as soon as Wankers figures out what he’s going to do.

*East of the Tucson Mountains, the Sonora Desert is green and pretty. But as you ride over Gates Pass headed west, you see a different sort of desert off in the distance, dry and dusty like the Mojave Desert where they filmed “Tremors,” and all I could think of as we rode down into it was we’d better keep our speed up or the Graboids would get us, and if you don’t know what any of that means you need to brush up on your pop culture.

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