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Vodka Splite, RIP

Vodka Splite was a huge help to me with events & contacts when I started the Half-Mind Catalog, my go-to hash collaborator for Scandinavian input. I loved his hash trashes and re-published a few. He was the subject of one of my first hasher interviews. I am so sorry he had to leave the circle early. On On, Vodka Splite!

I’m including an obituary sent by the Oslo H3 OnSec. I don’t know who wrote it, but I’m glad someone did.

VODKA SPLITE 1965 – 2019

We are very sad to announce Terje Eriksen (Vodka Splite) passed away after a short period of illness on Friday 1 March.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.09.27 PMVodka was very active in the early years of OH3 (his initial Hash handle was “Swing Low”) and was a keen traveller attending many of the World Interhashes, Eurohashes and other international hash events along with his beloved wife “Lita” – and often in company of “The Wolf” who at times introduced Vodka as his unwantedson. Vodka and Lita had many visits to Pattaya in Thailand where he frequented the local Hash and The Scandi Bar. His playfulness and friendliness made a lot of travelling hasher friends of OH3. Vodka always had funny crazy ideas. In 1998 on a pre-lube to Interhash in Kuala Lumpur, he arranged the “Ketchup Run” where 3 speedboats took the Hashers out to an island for a run along the beach and then sprayed ketchup on each other. The 1,5 hour circle, with Mooze as the RA was in waist high seawater which made it unnecessary to leave for the toilet. On the same visit we had a local tailor make Oslo Full Moon Hash tuxedos with short arms and pants so 17 of us had the smartest attire at Interhash ‘98 where in total, 48 from OH3 attended.

Vodka, together with Mooze founded Oslo Full Moon Hash – the dark side of hashing – where the emphasis was not on the running. In addition to the monthly Full Moon night Hashes, they also organised many of the first “12 pubs of Xmas” runs, “A Grand day Out” ending up with a BBQ in Mooze’s garden and the “Monopoly Board”, full day pub crawls.

He held the On-sec position for many years in the days when a monthly Hash Trash was produced on paper and distributed by mail (the type that involves photocopying, stamps and the post office).

Vodka was also a part of organising several big OH3 events. His legendary excel sheet were so detailed that we got to know that an average hasher uses 1 1/4 plastic teaspoons during a weekend. The goodhearted helpfulness and passion spiced up with down-downs resulted in an exhausted Vodka slept through the party on one of the anniversaries he had worked hard to make a success.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.10.08 PM

In 2002 on our way to Oslo H3 run #666 in“HELL” another one of his crazy ideas came to fruition where he together with Higgins, Man in Black and Big Balls, travelled the length of Gardermoen conveyer belt sitting down at a table, drinking beers. The whole airport, including the staff were in stiches.

For many years, he and Lita set a June run at Songsvann where, inevitably, the heavens would open and it would pour with rain or even hailstones despite the good weather before and after. The unpredictable weather became almost a feature of the runs which became known as the “Annual Sognsvann downpour run” and despite the rain, a BBQ was lit and grilled sausages served in the car park.

Vodka and Lita attended many Ski Hashes and the bus trips were always enhanced by the many Hash songs he knew. In 2005, just returned from Thailand they turned up with a cuddly toy dancing caterpillar which was present throughout the weekend right through to the Sunday beers at Two Dogs pub where it was dancing on the pavement and Vodka put out a cap to collect money – not much cash came despite we had primed the cap with some coins and a MasterCard but it was fun anyway.

Vodkas attendance at OH3 dropped off over the years while he pursued his passion for Rolling Stones and travelled extensively to see them, normally on a front row seat. He even managed to get his photo in VG from one of the international concerts.

Privately, Vodka worked in IT preparing and installing PCs. This included a year in London which he visited many times in the years after also to keep up the long-lasting friendship with the West London hashers including Periodical and Prince. Lita and he lived many years in Manglerud before moving to Høyenhall in 2015 in an apartment with a stunning view over the city.

Vodka will be a great miss to all of us who knew him in his prime and for the many contributions he made to OH3. He was a kind hearted, compassionate, fun loving person who elevated the mood just by his presence. Our deepest condolences go out to Lita and his remaining family, including his brother Steinar (Glutton) who were both with him playing Stones music just before he passed away.

RIP Vodka Splite: The Vicar, Flying Chicken, PigMe and Coffee, Tea or Me

© 2019, Flying Booger. All rights reserved.

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5 comments to Vodka Splite, RIP

  • Jeanne

    Thanks for posting this wonderful obituary. I still can’t believe. He was a fixture and way too young and so full of life and fun.

  • Pay Per View

    I’m in shock. He was one of my favorites! This is a wonderful tribute to the magic that was Vodka Splite. Many condolences to Lita and the Oslo H3.

  • TAF

    The first Ketchup Run that I remember was at the 96 Cyprus IH. Vodka and I loaded a grocery cart with all the necessary ingredients – vodka, beer, and a LOT of ketchup – and I pushed it around the sand dune paths while he ran all over the place laying trail with ketchup. By the time the run and circle had ended, all in attendance were covered from head to foot in ketchup. The front desk guy at the Scandi hotel sarcastically suggested we all clean off in the pool, and before he could stop us there were 50+ hashers in the pool. They had to drain it that night!

    On On, Vodka.

    - your buddy TAF

  • John Jackson

    For those who don’t know VS was one of the Stones’ BIGGEST fans. Curiously enough, this came across my desk yesterday (from a hasher) & I couldn’t help thinking how appropriate. :)


  • Barterbitch

    So sad to hear this news. I’m not sure whether or not I ever met him in person (in London maybe?) but I certainly remember talking with him on the hash-L email list…..

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