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KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash: 2/2/19

We called this motorcycle hash the January in February Mash. Never fear, there will be a February ride, and unless we run into the same kind of scheduling glitches that delayed the January ride, it’ll actually be in February. More on that below.

As part of the January to February schedule slippage, we decided to hold the mash on a Saturday. Our tradition, from the days of the original Harriers H3MC Tucson Chapter to the present-day Knuckledraggers H3 Baja Arizona, has been to mash on the 4th Sunday of the month, in order to deconflict with the jHavelina H3, which runs trail on Saturdays. After all, our members are also jHavelinas, or almost all. But over the years, the jHavelinas started hosting social events on Sundays, and now there’s a spin-off Sunday hash, the Honey Badgers. So there’s no longer any way to deconflict, so why not mash on Saturday, right?

I have to say it was a success. Half-Hash and Hashidic, who could never ride with us on Sunday, were able to make it yesterday, more than doubling our numbers. And we were joined by two virgins, Just Dave and Just Jake, excellent prospects for the club. So from now on, we’re switching from the 4th Sunday to the 4th Saturday, and damn the torpedos.

Sonoita AZ. L to R: Half Hash, Hashidic, Wakers, Just Dave, Just Jake, Flying Booger
Patagonia AZ. L to R: Wankers, Just Dave, Just Jake, Hashidic, Half Hash, Flying Booger

We met at the Happy Rooster in Tucson for breakfast, then followed the hare (moi) down scenic Highway 83 to Sonoita for a quick regroup. It was overcast and dark to the south, we were riding toward what looked like rain, and it was cold going over the Santa Rosas, so we all put on additional layers during our short stop in Sonoita. We then rode west to the town of Patagonia, where we stopped for coffee and brownies. We had a little rain either side of Patagonia, but by the time we got to Nogales the skies were beginning to clear.

We took River Road around Nogales and headed north on I-19 to Green Valley and the Triple Play Sports Pub. The two virgins peeled off to ride home, but Flying Booger, Wankers Away, Half Hash, and Hashidic stayed for on-afters at the Triple Play.

Your scribe regrets to inform you that nothing bad happened on the mash, apart from a couple of sudden pack-scattering turns (damn you, Flying Booger), so there were no re-namings. It was a pretty great ride with old friends and new, and hey … when you mash on a Saturday, you’ve still got the rest of the weekend off, and that’s also pretty great.

The February mash will be Saturday, 2/23/19, details TBA. Unless someone else wants to plan a route and hare, Flying Booger will lead a trail through Sierra Vista to Tombstone and back, hoping some of the motorcycling hashers in those parts will be able to join us.

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