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KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash: 12/30/18

Three Knuckledraggers met in Oro Valley on a beautiful but cold Sunday morning for a mash (motorcycle hash) hared by Wankers Aweigh. Trail took us through Catalina, Oracle, and on to the small mining town of San Manuel overlooking the San Pedro River Valley, hidden away on the east side of the Rincon Mountains and Redington Pass. This was the first time Flying Booger and Loose Nut had ever heard of the place, which is just 45 miles from Tucson, but Wankers went to high school there and knew it well.

The road from Oracle to San Manuel was the high point of Sunday’s trail. Oracle is 2,000 feet higher than Tucson and there was snow on both sides of the road leading out of town. Not only that, there were big patches of ice on the road, and Flying Booger’s ride almost went out from under him on the first ice patch we encountered, lending some excitement to the mash. We rode very carefully after that!

Loose Nut & Wankers on the road to San Manuel

In San Manuel we visited Wanker’s old school, then stopped for a photo op at the town’s Vietnam War memorial.

San Manual

From there Wankers led us past several No Trespassing signs to a nearby open pit copper mine.¬†Naturally all three of us were layered in warm clothing, which we started to strip off during photo stops but quickly had to stop in order to put back on … it was one of those days where no matter how high the sun got, it stayed cold, and even colder while riding at speed.

At the closed copper mine

And just because so far it had been a short trail, we rode on-on north on 77 to Mammoth and Winkleman, doubling back to a Mexican restaurant in Mammoth for on-afters and lunch. After all, what’s a mash if you don’t hit or exceed 200 miles? We came pretty close, and we thank Wankers for an excellent trail through some beautiful parts of southern Arizona few visitors … and even some long-time Tucson residents … ever see.

On-On to 2019 and the first mash of the new year, which will be on Sunday, the 27th of January. Flying Booger will hare, and the tentative plan is to head south to Sonoita, Patagonia, and Nogales. Details to be announced by email and on our KDH3 Baja Arizona Facebook page, so stand by for news.

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  • It can’t be done. By “it” I mean to write a trash and not get some detail wrong. Wankers offers the following correction:

    “Wankers did not go to school in San Manuel but did set the Buena High School (Sierra Vista) school record in the 880 on the San Manuel track at the 64′ district meet. The mine was open then and paid for excellent educational facilities, including one of the best tracks in the district.”

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