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KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash: 11/25/18

A small group of Knuckledraggers met Sunday morning at the Triple T truck stop on I-10 south of Tucson. Braving blue skies and temperatures in the high 50s were Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh, Master Meat Finder, and Loose Nut, all ready for a ride down back roads and through cattle country to the historic settlement of Arivaca.

Flying Booger led, since this was the same ride he had to cancel out of in November when his motorcycle was down for maintenance. The back road scheme worked well, except for the part where he got everyone lost and took them on a tour of the adults-only subdivisions of Green Valley, and except for the part where the back road was closed south of the Canoa traffic circle and we had to divert onto the freeway to get to the turnoff at Amado. From there, though, the curvy road to Arivaca was wide open, and we soon arrived at the Gadsen Coffee Company, where we posed for a selfie:

L to R: Master Meat Finder, Loose Nut, Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh

The plan for our return ride went off without a hitch: back to Amado for another round of group photos, which you’ll see below, then back north on I-19 to the north end of Green Valley and a combination of lunch and on-afters at the Triple Play Sports Pub on Duval Mine Road. From there we all made our separate ways home, except for Master Meat Finder, who rode pillion with Flying Booger back to the Triple T to fetch her car.


Border Patrol was everywhere you looked, down there close to Mexico, but they weren’t interested in us, so except for the mandatory checkpoint we enjoyed uninterrupted riding with almost no traffic, and oh by the way for all you pussies who didn’t show up, it never got hotter than 70 degrees, perfect riding weather.


Next month’s ride will be on the fifth Sunday of December, which falls on the 30th. That way we’re not competing with Christmas, and since the 30th is one day short of New Year’s Eve, we hope a few more Knuckledraggers and prospective members will turn out for the mash (motorcycle hash, if you’re wondering). Our hare and ride leader will be Wankers Aweigh, and as soon as he gives me a starting point and time I’ll get the word out.

The very small and very new Knuckledraggers H3 Riding Club Baja Arizona send greetings to our brother and sister Knuckledraggers everywhere, and wish you the best for the holiday season and a great 2019!

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