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KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash: 9/23/18

If you haven’t been paying attention, a mash is a hash with motorcycles (see previous post). Except we don’t hash on motorcycles, it having been tried and found perilous. Instead, mashers ride in groups and have on-afters. You need to be a hasher to join, and you need a motorcycle.

With that by way of a quick introduction, today (Sunday, 23 September 2018) was the inaugural meet of Knuckledraggers H3 Baja Arizona, the newest KDH3 kennel.

Flying Booger (your humble GM & scribe), having announced the meet by email and on Facebook to known mashers in southern Arizona, most of them members of the old Harriers MCH3 chapter, rode to LeBuzz Caffe on the east side of Tucson to see who would show up. At five to ten Loose Nut drove up in a minivan, but by five after ten it began to look like he was the only one, so we agreed to cancel and try again next month. As Loose Nut drove away, two squids and a chick on sportbikes pulled into the parking lot, but I didn’t recognize them and figured they were just regular bikers out for a Sunday spin. Just as I was saddling up to ride home my cell phone rang … it was the squids and they were there for the ride, so we were back on.

Our new Knuckledraggers are Just Shit Talker and Strok E. Bear, both from Mr. Happy’s H3 in Tucson. Just Mindy rode pillion with both (she switched bikes for the ride home). I tried to call Loose Nut to come back but didn’t have his phone number, so we rode without a minivan in trail (I note for the record Loose Nut says he’s getting a motorcycle really, but I have a premonition he’ll show up next month in the same minivan).

Flying Booger, Just Shit Talker, Just Mindy, Strok E. Bear

Where did we ride? Up Mount Lemmon to Geology Point, where we took photos, and on to Summerhaven, where our planned lunch destination, the Sawmill Run Restaurant, was closed. We wound up at the Cookie Cabin instead. The squids new mashers led both ways, up and down the mountain, so they could ride faster than the old man (moi) on his old man’s Goldwing, but traffic mostly kept us together as a pack.

On the way down and back into Tucson I wanted to check out Bear Canyon Pizza as a possible on-after venue for future rides. Just Shit Talker, Strok E. Bear, and Just Mindy had to scoot home, so I did a one-masher on-after and it was pretty good, and no doubt the KDH3 Baja Arizona kennel will drop in there sometime in the future.

A small inaugural ride, but a good one. I’ll organize another KDH3 Baja Arizona ride for Sunday, October 28, and announce it on the Facebook group page and by email. Stand by for news, as they say.

© 2018, Flying Booger. All rights reserved.

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