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Knuckledraggers H3 Baja Arizona

For your hashing and riding pleasure, there is now a Knuckledraggers H3 kennel in southern Arizona. The kickoff ride will be Sunday, September 23rd, and all area hashers who ride motorcycles are invited. Yes. A hash for bikers, like this dude:

Photo: Have Shit Will Travel, KDH3 Las Vegas

I founded the first hash motorcycle riding club, the Harriers MCH3, in 1998. At its biggest there were over 200 members, but they were dispersed all over the world and it was almost impossible to get anyone together for group rides, which was one of my original goals for the club. The only actual chapter of the club was one I started in Tucson with about eight members. We rode monthly for a couple of years, but the chapter has been dormant the past two years.

In 2001 a friend and fellow Harriers MCH3 member, Gaylord Focker, got another group of hashing motorcyclists together in Corpus Christi, Texas. He named his group the Knuckledraggers H3 Riding Club, or KDH3. Gaylord inducted me as a member and I rode with them on one of their first runs, to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Since then other Knuckledragger kennels have formed around the country, with regular rides, get-togethers at interhash events, even a haberdashery. Knuckledraggers H3 Riding Club has an American Motorcycle Association charter.

Photo: Flying Booger in a no-longer-sanctioned KDH3 shirt

KDH3 avoids labels like “motorcycle club” and “MC.” That was not always the case: when first founded it was the Knuckledraggers H3MC, and I still have one of the original shirts with the forbidden words below the KDH3 gorilla logo. Here’s the deal: 1%er motorcycle clubs, the Hells Angels and Vagos and the like, lay claim to labels like motorcycle club, MC, and chapter, and they can be pretty forceful about it. Long story short, KDH3 is a hash and individual KDH3 groups around the country are kennels. Old patches and shirts have been replaced with ones that don’t have the forbidden words.

KDH3 is, no matter what you call it, a motorcycle riding adjunct of the Hash House Harriers. You need to be a hasher to join, and you need a motorcycle. There are no dues or fees, but members are expected to take turns organizing and leading group rides. Most kennels meet and ride once a month, and that’s the schedule I plan to follow with the Baja Arizona kennel.

The KDH3 Baja Arizona kennel inaugural ride will be on Sunday, September 23rd. I’ve invited all former Tucson chapter Harriers MCH3 members, along with other southern Arizona hashers who ride motorcycles, which includes Sierra Vista, where there are at least two active hashes and several riders.

Photo: Harriers MCH3 dropping in on the Candies in Bisbee

Past Harriers MCH3 group rides included destinations like Kitt Peak, Mount Graham, Casa Grande, Globe, Sierra Vista, Tombstone, Dragoon, Bisbee, Arivaca, Nogales, and Patagonia. I’ll lead the inaugural KDH3 Baja Arizona ride next month, which will be a lunch run to Summerhaven on Mount Lemmon. Our nearest neighbor is the KDH3 Las Vegas kennel, with about eight members; I hope at some point to organize a weekend event in Flagstaff or some other destination agreeable to both kennels.

Photo: Harriers MCH3 in southern Arizona wine country

About the rides: both Gaylord Focker and I learned early on it’s almost impossible to hash in the traditional sense on motorcycles. If you’re the hare you have to come to a complete stop to lay flour, and dismount to make trail marks. The marks have to be huge and even if they are, the pack is not likely to see them until the last second, which creates the risk of sudden swerves, stops, and even spills. Not good. It is possible for hares to give the pack instructions on where the next check is, and then ride ahead, but in my experience there isn’t much point to it. I’ve tried it, and it didn’t really add any hashing value to the ride. Instead, we do social group rides, with routes and destinations planned by the hare, with the hare as lead rider, followed by on-afters at local pubs.

Here are links to two Facebook group pages:

The KDH3 Baja Arizona Facebook page will be the central point of information for upcoming group rides and other events. We’ll meet and ride on the 4th Sunday of every month. Until we get our shit together and have elections, I’ll serve as GM and keeper of the Facebook page.

Do you ride a motorcycle? Are you a hasher? Do you live anywhere in southern Arizona? Come join us on Sunday, September 23rd! We’re meeting at Le Buzz Caffe, on the northeast corner of Tanque Verde and Catalina Highway in Tucson, at 10 AM!

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