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Whatabout All the Glutens that Were Released?

Little hashing/bashing pause here while I break in a brand-new knee. So let’s see what’s up in the news.

Oh, just this, from Pennsylvania:

Man dumps a white powder on Catasauqua street and runs, and then…

By Frank Warner

A man in an orange shirt and a black backpack sprinkled a white powder Wednesday evening at a Catasauqua intersection, then ran from the scene.

Residents at Howertown Road and Liberty Street called police at 7:05 p.m. And just as police arrived, a group of eight joggers came running down Howertown Road.

“My neighbor yelled, ‘Wait, don’t go close!’ ” said Barbara Shipe, who lives at the intersection. “And one of the joggers said, ‘No, no, don’t worry.’ He said, ‘It’s OK. It’s OK. We’re part of an international jogging treasure hunt.’ ”

The joggers are members the Hash House Harriers, a group that calls itself “a drinking club with a running problem.” They said the white powder on the road was flour, which the lead runner uses to leave directions for the followers.

Borough police were satisfied with the joggers’ explanation and let them go. The runners followed an arrow, written in orange chalk amid the flour sprinkles, that pointed to Liberty Street.

“It was a false alarm,” Shipe said.

She said she and her neighbor, Felicia Moreno, couldn’t ignore the strange sight of a man dumping a white powder.

“I was concerned because there are small children here,” she said. “You don’t know what anyone is dumping. All I saw was three piles of powder. We didn’t know what it was.”

Shipe said the one jogger admitted this wasn’t the first time the group was mistaken for mischief makers or terrorists. In New York, police shut down a city block when the flour drop raised suspicions there.

She said the joggers didn’t say where they were from or where they were going. The orange arrow pointed west.

And the masked band escaped to the west.

As always, the real joy is found in the comments. Here’s the link.

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