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Daytona Hashers Find Dead Body

Forwarded to me by Shakesqueer:

I’m disappointed no one mentioned the name of the “jogging club” that discovered the body. The Daytona Hash House Harriers should get some credit, don’t you think?

What’s the most interesting thing your hash has found on trail?

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12 comments to Daytona Hashers Find Dead Body

  • Elephant Dick!

    Rumson also found a guy who’d hung himself in a local woods. I don’t think he’d been there long, but his hands were blue and he was cold to the touch. Before he turned blue, I think he was Caucasian. We also once found a dead horse on trail, half in/half out of a frozen pond. Of course we had to collect it, in Chemical Mike’s pickup, and then what else to do with it but dump it in Mr. Jackson’s driveway, in posh Rumson (NJ). The story gets interesting here, but I’m running out of characters – Elephant Di

  • I’m going to post comments received from hashers on hash-l and Facebook, where I cross-posted the Daytona H3 dead body story. I’ll start with two of my own:

    - Aloha H3 trail through downtown Honolulu in ’93 or ’94, the pack and I ran through a parking lot police and yellow crime scene tape over in one corner. Read later in the paper that they had just found a murder victim in a car.

    - At a jHavelina hash in Tucson, I was on trail with Itty Bitty Meat when he almost tripped over a rifle hidden in some shiggy. He took it and later, against my advice, test fired it. It worked and he still has it.

  • From Dr. Kimball, Gypsies in the Palace H3: ‘Reminds me of D.O.T. from the Aloha H3 (aka Dead on Trail).”

    (I think that hash name stems from the same Aloha H3 incident I mentioned above — FB)

  • Houston has also found a dead body on trail. It was in Memorial Park near the Full Moon Parking Lot, I believe.

  • From Mr. Jackson, Rumson H3: “We came upon a young man who had hung himself. Obviously dead so we called the police , continued out trail and then on to a bar.”

  • From Body: “A loaded .380 revolver.”

  • From Shine On Harvard Moon: “When I first started hashing (in the Boston area, circa 1993) we had a visitor named Woodpecker from the Portland, Oregon hash. On Memorial Drive in Cambridge I found a toupee, and good ole Woodpecker wore it as a murkin for the rest of the trail. He got some strange looks from civilians! Of course we hashers thought it was hysterically funny when we found out what a murkin was!”

  • From MTM: “When I hashed in Singapore, a visiting hasher from Florida showed up At the on after, I randomly asked him about half a trophy around his neck. I expected the normal silly hash story. In fact, he had been laying trail in the woods (swamp?) when a small plane crashed nearby. He and his co-hare raced over and pulled the pilot out of the burning plane but the passenger was dead. The trophy was found on an anniversary of this event trail by a hasher and he and his co-hare were thus each awarded half to fhe trophy in the circle.”

  • From Di Di Hasher on Facebook: “Las Vegas H3 has found bodies before too.
    Now I’m curious just how many hashes have found bodies.”

    Someone answered, saying Music City H3 also found a body.

  • Not found, but lost. Mr Happy’s used to have a strap-on dildo handed out as the “Dickhead” award. Someone left it in a park after circle and it can only be hoped someone appropriate found it the next day (none of us did).

  • Here are some comments that take another tangent but were inspired by the original post. —FB

    From Mu-Sick:

    “This one time on trail as we were running through the forest in New Zealand at Rotorua Interhash, we came across an opening, a clearing, in the forest with a large Rock outcropping and Mexican music was playing. There were people dressed up in Mexican sombreros and Serapes dispensing tequila and margaritas from backpacks made out of stainless steel with surgical tubing with a pistol grip at the end. What an unexpected, fun, and interesting escape from the trail.”

    From Sister Maria:

    “Those were the Jose Quervo tequila girls. One of the sales guys from Jose Quervo who was a hasher, Bushwacker I believe, had the brilliant idea of growing their sales by switching the hash from beer over to tequila. Jose Quervo trucks would show up and tequila was served at many large hash events at that time as a result.

    “I first encountered the tequila girls on a beachy part of the trail at Bay to Breakers ’93 in San Francisco with a “shot in a shower” as you finish trail. They hauled around a rig with a frame with spray nozzles and set it up at the end of the trail with a tequila girl handing you a shot as you enter the shower – what a concept!

    “They next showed up handing out shots on trail at the AIH ’93 in Calgary, again with a “shot in a shower” at the end of trail. The 1994 Interhash in Rotorua NZ was the biggest event they had it at. There they set up a circus tent with a bar running the length of it and nothing else was served in this tent but Jose Quervo tequila straight up or as a margarita. If you can imagine, the tent was buzzing with hashers drinking tequila from their beer mugs, standing room only. Before long, hashers were crawling out on all fours and passing out in the grass outside.

    “Needless to say, Bushwacker did not succeed in switching the hash over to tequila, but it was a lot of fun trying.”

    From Swamp Bitch:

    “I forget which big hash it was but I was enjoying more than my share of margaritas and “engaged” in the conversation that the hash should switch from beer to tequila. I think I was saying that it was great for a big event but I wouldn’t want to have to drive home after this on a weekly basis. I probably didn’t say it as I was so stinking drunk but at least I was thinking it.

    “Those were some damn fine margaritas though!”

    From Likk’mm:

    “Not to forget the booth on the Merdeka Stadium floor making a substantial contribution to the putrid atmosphere in KL ’98. Never saw them again after that.”

    From Ra:

    “IH1996 Cyprus, Tequilla girls were there too,pouring from the bottles in their holsters
    I have photo somewhere of a few of us going through the bins of “empties” and getting some drops of about 90 bottles and resurrecting a nearly full bottle at the end of the night”

  • From Claus Rolff in Hong Kong, forward by MTM:

    “Dead man’s Hash run revisited.

    “Face down, one foot missing… The body was stuffed into a drainage.

    “One year ago while setting a HK Ladies Hash run in some dense bushy hill near Hung Hom, Emma, alias Lost in Translation, stumbled upon a dead man.

    “After alerting the police and making a statement, Emma carried on setting the run. Although losing time and doing a long detour Emma got the job done in time for the 7PM start without delay.

    “Tuesday’s evening’s HKLH4 run passed the scene of the crime.”

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