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The Graying of the Hash, Part II

See previous post about our trip to San Diego and plans to hash with La Jolla H3: so, yeah, Spock lied. Trail was a little over 5 miles, but he didn’t totally lie: most of the pack walked. Here are a few La Jolla hashers at the start:

La Jolla H3, 3 Apr 2018
LJH3 is one of the older clubs in the USA, famous (or infamous, your pick) for its “by invitation only” policy. The hashers in the photo, most of them friends we haven’t seen in a while, are some of the older hashers in the USA, but they assure me they’re actively recruiting new members, and the median age of LJH3 members is in the high 40s, not the mid-70s you might otherwise assume.

Trail was an annual event hared by Kitty Kitty, a circle around the Eckert Flower Fields in Carlsbad, a few miles north of San Diego. This is an aerial photo Manhandler took from her and Spock’s plane a couple of weeks ago. Imagine a 5-mile oval around the flower fields in the center, and that was the trail.

Trail was A to A, but there was no circle at the end; instead we got in our cars and drove to Kitty Kitty’s home, where we circled, down-downed, and on-aftered. Swapped stories with old friends (Spock & Manhandler, La Bufadora, Kitty Kitty, Swiss Piss & Goodtail, many others), pissed and moaned about younger hashers, ate excellent tucker … I even did a down-down, chugging my first beer in over 11 years (luckily for me, LJH3 does down-downs with tiny cups). We met some new friends too, and it’s good to see San Diego is as much a hotbed of hashing as ever.

Here’s Pick’n'Flick and I on trail, in the flower fields not far from the start.

Eckert Flower Fields, Carlsbad CA (photo: Paul Woodford)

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