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White Powdery Substance in Ohio

Trouble in the Midwest. From the Hamilton Ohio Police Department Facebook page, posted on 28 Feb 2018:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 3.15.23 PM

We are aware of reports of a white powdery substance being found spread around various ares of the west side of Hamilton. Witnesses have seen at least one male involved in the actual “spreading” of the substance. There are also reports circulating that HFD has analyzed the substance and it is rat poison. That is NOT true!

The Hamilton Police Department, Hamilton Fire Department and the Health Department are working on obtaining an analysis of collected samples. HPD and HFD would like to stress there are no indications at this time the substance poses any immediate danger. There have been no reports of illnesses after contact with general citizens or from first responders. Pictured below are examples of the powdery substance encountered. Also pictured is a photo of a male that may be able to provide more information to police about this substance. If anyone recognizes this male or knows his whereabouts, please contact Detective Henson at 513-868-5811 x1237, or contact the dispatch center at 513-785-1300.

Also, if you find any of this substance please call the dispatch center to report it immediately and public safety personnel will respond. Thank you for your assistance!

Well, yeah, just look at that Super Mario lookin’ ass guy. If he ain’t poisoning rats, you know he’s thinking about it, unless it’s anthrax in that bag, in which case he’s going to kill us all!

As always in stories of these kind, the reader comments are where the action is. My favorite comment comes from a man identifying himself as Timothy Teague Sr., who has this to say: “So why not leave sawdust or something of that nature instead of worrying people. Oh these are crazy liberals who want attention.”

Crazy liberals!

Here we go, politicizing the hash, and the trail isn’t even cold yet!

I hope we haven’t come to the point where we need to start a Hasher Lives Matter movement in this country!

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