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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: RIP Arthur Gash

On Saturday, November 4th, the Pedalfiles Bicycle Hash House Harriers lost our Grandmaster, Arthur Gash.

Gash was a long-time Tucson hasher. I can’t remember exactly when he started running with the jHavelina H3, but it was a long time ago. Pick’n'Flick and I were there for his virgin hash, and later his naming. We barely knew him then but got to know him well later on. He was loud and rowdy and always up. He started riding with the Pedalfiles almost from the very first bash, showing up on a rickety old Huffy that must have weighed a hundred pounds. As he did with the hash, he quickly got into bashing.

Late last year he offered to take over as Pedalfiles GM. He was the perfect person for the job. Between monthly Pedalfiles bashes, he and his partner Fuck Me would drive to Sierra Vista and Phoenix to ride in their bashes, and his ambassadorship paid off, with lots of Sierra Vista and Phoenix bashers showing up for our events. He revitalized the Pedalfiles and gave us new energy. We owe him a lot.

Gash co-hared the September Pedalfiles bash, stepping in at the last minute for a basher who had to drop out. A week before the October bash, which I was scheduled to hare, he felt bad and out of breath and Fuck Me made him check into hospital. The first word we got was blood clots in his legs and lungs. He was released just before my October bash and Fuck Me drove him to the start. We could all see the difference: Gash had lost a lot of weight, and his famous energy had deserted him. But he was there at the beer check and on-afters, and we all cheered him on.

What he told a few people that day, but not everyone, was that the actual diagnosis was stage IV pancreatic cancer. Not many days later he was back in hospital, then hospice, then he was gone.

Our local hash community is rallying around Fuck Me, of course, and organizing a combined hash and bash in early December. There’ll be a short memorial, separate trails for runners and riders, a circle, and a potluck on-after to send Gash on his way to G and the other great hashers who are waiting for him in hash heaven. Will we be loud and rowdy? You bet. We want Gash to hear us.

RIP Arthur Gash, friend, hasher, and basher.

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