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Mending Ripping Down Fences (Updated)

The latest anthrax scare, reported by my friend Tongueless, GM of Gypsies in the Palace H3, San Francisco:


The complaint was posted to an on-line neighborhood forum. The ensuing discussion is interesting. First, you get some insight into public perception of the Hash House Harriers (reasonably positive IMO). Second, speculation on what the vandalism might have been. Third, the answer, revealed by the woman who posted the original complaint.

Frank Tendick, Central Richmond·5d ago
Sounds like the Hash House Harriers: http://sfh3.com/calendar

Darren Zebechoszyck, NE Inner Richmond·Edited 5d ago
Does this blatant act of vandalism involve putting chalk on the trail?

Linda Bacon, Cow Hollow Central·5d ago
Yes, sounds like the Hash House Harriers

Anna Furniss, The Presidio·4d ago
Thank you for the responses! Darren, no, I don’t consider the chalk on the trails to be vandalism but I guess some people might!

Jason Danli, The Presidio·4d ago
Wait, so what was the, “blatant act of vandalism”?

Deanne Delbridge, Central Marina·4d ago
@frank + @linda – I clicked on your link, however it does not explain what ‘hash house harriers’ means. Also i don’t understand the calendar with ‘gypsies’ listed.

Catherine Linn, West Marina·4d ago
@Deanne, they are both different groups of a much larger running club. They change locations and routes every week.

Peter McKenna, Inner Richmond·4d ago
Knowing the Hashers, the drinking club with a running problem, I’d guess the blatant act was peeing in the bushes.

Nina Frankel, Central Richmond·4d ago
do we have local Hash House Harriers? The white chalk markings are the work of the “hare” who marks the path for the rest of the runners. They celebrate the end of the run with lots of beer, so not surprising if some indiscriminate leakage occurs, but they don’t tend to be that ecologically disruptive. Just raucous when drinking and singing their unifying pep songs.

Anna Furniss, The Presidio·Edited 2d ago
Nah, peeing isn’t vandalism in my book. Dog walkers (and dogs for that matter) pee in the area all the time. The runners ripped down a chain link fence to get into what’s supposed to be a secure area across from our house. The area has guards but they weren’t present when the runners came by. I think we actually saw the “Hare” earlier but he ran away (quick as a bunny) when a guard tried to stop and question him. I’m a runner and I like group games as much as the next person but it’s like, come on folks, show some basic respect.

Deanne Delbridge, Central Marina·2d ago
@anna – You sound way more kind to this group than i would have been!

Anna Furniss, The Presidio·1d ago
@Deanne – Haha, yeah, I wasn’t so nice in person but I prefer not to unleash too much online. I’m more surprised that people would think I’d go to all this trouble for someone peeing in the bushes.

Tongueless’ initial comment on the complaint was written before anyone knew what kind of vandalism the hash was being accused of.

Oddly enough no one has any idea what she means by “vandalism” since aside from everything else the Gypsies make a point of cleaning up after themselves. Fits In thinks she may have meant “obscenity” not vandalism and been referring to the reading of which i posted a video you may have seen. On top of everything else we made a point of doing the down-downs behind a very Large tree so we wouldn’t be visible from the only occupied house in the area. The police in that area know us quite well and generally show up with a wave and a smile. In the recent past when I’ve gone to talk to them they’ve said, “Hey, we got a noise complaint and since it’s Thursday we figured it was you so we took the call because we knew we wouldn’t have a problem. Beautiful dogs, have a great evening.” and this was much later in the evening. I will say that the pack was 21 strong and LOUD but she still would have been able to barely hear us from across the street and with windows closed. Aside from that the area has a dog park and people were constantly going back and forth in front of her house. It’s not quite on a par with the crap in San Diego a few years ago but it is a reminder that the hash in becoming more mainstream has more problems to deal with.

Here’s the comment Tongueless sent after he learned about the fence:

I have no idea what she’s talking about when she says a fence was torn down or for that matter where she actually lives. I thought she was across from the start but maybe not. As to the “torn down fence” we have no control over what a particular pack member might or might not have done and we didn’t see it happen.

I don’t believe for a minute hashers ripped down a chain link fence. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a hare, if a chain link fence is blocking your way, just follow it toward the nearest cluster of homes or apartments and you’ll find a section where it’s been cut, probably by local kids making a shortcut to and from school. I’ve seen it again and again; it’s part of my bag o’ hare tricks.

Have you ever seen a fellow hasher rip down a chain link fence, or damage any other kind of fence? I haven’t.
p.s. I probably should have blacked out non-hashers’ names, but they posted under their own names to an on-line forum anyone can see, so I figure what the hell. You say it, you own it, am I right?
Update (same day, 30 minutes later): This has to be a record for the fastest update of a Half-Mind Weblog post. Almost as soon as I published it an email appeared in my inbox. It’s from Tongueless, who sadly confirms the San Francisco woman’s accusation: it was a hasher who damaged the fence after all, too impatient to go around the obstacle. Well, shit.

I wrote back and thanked Tongueless for popping my hashers-are-better-than-regular-people bubble, but truth be told that bubble popped 17 years ago, when a local hasher house-sat for us so we could go to InterHash. She threw a party at our house for all her hashing friends the night before we returned from Australia. When all was said and done, our bill for repairing torn screens, paying a cleaning crew to remove vomit from the carpeting and walls, and flushing and scrubbing out the hot tub, was several hundred dollars. In all these years Tucson area hashers have never apologized, nor have they offered any compensation for the damage they caused. If you read back that far in this blog, you’ll notice a cooling of my regard for hashers, and that’s where it all started.

I stand by what I said about finding cuts in chain link fences, though. They’re always there … you just have to have the patience to find them.

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7 comments to Mending Ripping Down Fences (Updated)

  • MTM

    I’d like to think that the hash takes some responsibility if a hound (or hare) commits vandalism. So an additional sentence such as: “We absolutely condemn this behavior and find it hard to believe it would be one of us. If perchance, it was, he or she will be expelled.”

  • MTM, if you’ve seen the update, you now know I was wrong. A hasher did damage the fence, and I’m sure that at a minimum Tongueless will banish her to another Bay Area hash.

  • Burt

    Until I was told that the perp was talking about it in a bar I didn’t believe it myself. There’s a huge gap beyeee doing stupid tasteless shite and doing stupid destructive shit. Sadly some people don’t see the difference. The Hash needs to fly under the ease and stupid shite like this puts it square on the screen.

  • MTM

    Wow, I can’t believe that about your house. I hope that the hash digs into its kitty or does a whip round to fix the fence. Can’t believe someone bragged about it. People who are still not mature enough to draw the line between thumbing their noses at society through harmless fun and through vandalism.

  • 8 Yellow Snow

    To paraphrase our current POTUS — all parties are guilty, but they are good people.

  • Barterbitch

    I am pretty sure I remember hares using wire cutters to make openings in wire fences in various places so that hashers could get through – in San Francisco and CA in general, and possibly here in Oz too. Not sure if it was done in places that would make a difference to security of some place. There would have been wire-bending, too, and perhaps expansion of holes already present. There’s certainly been plenty of running through or across private property etc. (PS, Many probably didn’t view the fence-cutting as vandalism, and I’m pretty sure no one would have thought to try to fix it afterwards.) I’m not condoning it, just recalling. Sometimes hashers get carried away with themselves….

  • Well, damn, when I’m wrong I admit it. It’s like a reflex, defending the hash when I know better.

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