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Even Better (Except for the Headline)

Speaking of hashing and the media (the subject of several recent posts here at the Half-Mind Weblog), here’s a wonderful article about hashing with an unfortunate headline, “A Drinking Club with a Running Problem.”

Photo from article (click on it to link to the article)

What I like about it is that the author simply describes hooking up with hashers in Nice and going on a run: how it happened, what the trail was like, the people he met. It’s the first article about hashing I’ve read in years that makes me want to get out and go hashing. It’s refreshing. What a concept, just describing a hash run and some of the wonderful things we’ve all experienced on trail.

Unlike other reporters, this gentleman doesn’t copy paragraphs from Wikipedia or my own hash primer and quote them without attribution (a thing that happens all the time, and that I whinged about in a previous post). No, he wrote this from scratch, and made it real.

One of my favorite parts of the article:

During the walk-run itself, I got a look at some of the most beautifully famous (and famously expensive) real estate in the world, from vantage points most tourists never bother with. If it hadn’t been for Francis and his hashing friends, I almost certainly wouldn’t have. If my “nice little walk by the beach” had turned out to be anything but, it also turned out to be a potentially life-changing experience.

I remember trying to tell squadron-mates about the Okinawa HHH when I was stationed at Kadena Air Base in Japan. “You’ll see parts of Okinawa no other American will ever see,” I told them, thinking of runs through back alleys in Naha City where we’d passed old-time wooden homes with rice-paper panels where kimono-clad women were making tea and playing the sanshin.

At the time hashing was new to me, and the most amazing thing about it was the way trails got you off the beaten path. That aspect of hashing still shines like a beacon to me … and here’s a writer, as new to hashing today as I was in 1989, who totally gets it!

Damn, though, I wish those fools in Nice hadn’t infected his brain with that “drinking club with a running problem” bullshit.

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3 comments to Even Better (Except for the Headline)

  • Ra

    Yes, great article and blog post – that author might like to hear from you?

  • Do you know the “genesis” of Drinking club with a running problem? I googled a little but didn’t easily spot it.

  • SqueezeMe, I wrote about this in an earlier post, here: http://pwoodford.net/hashblog/?p=8082. I did what you did, searching for “drinking club with a” … I found all manner of clubs using the motto, from cooking to sailing to mountain climbing, etc. The oldest one I found was from 1946, the motto of the Boozefighters MC: A Drinking Club with a Motorcycle Problem. This is the “original” American motorcycle gang, the group that invaded Hollister and inspired the movie The Wild Ones.

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