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The Worst Ever?

From Facebook, posted today by our friend Vodka Splite.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 9.00.43 AM
Click on the image to go to the article in The Guardian, or just click here.

So, is it the worst article about hashing ever? Hardly, I think. For that you need to go back a few years to the Great San Diego Witch Hunt of 2010, when the son of a hashing couple murdered some poor girl in a park and the hash was dragged kicking and screaming onto front pages and breathless scare-mongering “Are your children safe from hashers? News at 10!” television broadcasts. I covered all that back then, and I think the links in my original blog post are still good, so click and read if you feel like getting depressed all over again.

Hashers drink! Hashers get naked in satanic rituals! Children exposed to such behavior can’t help but grow up to be murderers! Here’s the hashing couple’s address, go torch their house and run them out of town!

What, you think I’m exaggerating? Like I said, click and read if you’re unfamiliar with this ugly bit of HHHistory.

IMO, newspaper articles that fixate on the slightly misleading “drinking club with a running problem” quote pale by comparison.

When it comes to articles about hashing, I want to note one thing, even if it’s at the risk of tooting my own horn.

In 1995 I wrote a pretty good general interest article about hashing. Hawaii RacePlace Magazine published it that year, and it was one of the first things I posted online to my then-new hashing website, the Half-Mind Catalog.

A few years later I read a newspaper article about hashing. It seemed oddly familiar, and I gradually realized I was reading my own article, quoted without attribution by some lazy newspaper reporter who’d copied it from Hawaii RacePlace or my own website. I was to get used to that over time, especially after someone (not me, honest … I suspect it was Stray Dog) copied it into Wikipedia in 2003 as the original entry for the Hash House Harriers (here’s the link to the original 2003 Wikipedia entry, which you can compare to my original hashing article from 1995)

That Wikipedia entry has been altered and improved many times since then (here’s the link to the current version), but the skeleton of my original article is still visible underneath, as it is in The Guardian’s hashing article, the one Vodka Splite linked to on Facebook this morning. No doubt The Guardian’s reporter did some factchecking on Wikipedia!

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