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Half a Mind: Older than Previously Thought

Here’s a quick summary of my previous post, to save you the click:

Many hashers (including me) were brought up with the knowledge that a hasher named Phil Kirkland coined this famous quote about hashing: “If you’ve half a mind to join the hash, that’s all you need!” The story was he said it to a newspaper reporter in 1978. I found the original newspaper article and the quote is there, but Phil Kirkland didn’t say it—it was the motto of the Hong Kong Hash House Harriers.

Last night Manila H3 hasher Squatto, who started me on this research in the first place, forwarded copies of the first two pages of the Hong Kong H3 1975/76 yearbook, and there it is in black & white:

Screenshot 2017-07-23 07.53.17 copy Screenshot 2017-07-23 07.52.08

Now, as to who coined Hong Kong H3′s motto in the first place, that bit of hash history remains to be written.

By the way, Phil Kirkland, aka Thrill Furkhand, may be one of the hashers in those photos. Do any old-timers recognize him?

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8 comments to Half a Mind: Older than Previously Thought

  • Pampers

    Don’t know him, but the person on the left of the bottom picture on the second image looks a little bit like Flying Scotsman AKA Douggie Houghton, I’ll have to try and find out if he was based there in 75/76

  • Mr Jackson

    Does anyone know when Bimbos were first accepted as members of a Hash?
    Mr.J Rumson H3

  • Mr. J, great question. I’ll see what I can find on two areas: first mixed hash, first harriettes hash. Now to see if Tumblin’ Bill Panton’s hash genealogy is still on line …

  • Sex Toy

    Free 2 Lay organized a harriette weekend last November in Tampa to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first harriette H3 – it was an awesome weekend. She did a lot of research on harriette hashes and made contact with a couple originals. I’m sure she would be happy to share. If you don’t have contact details let me know and I can connect you.

  • Sister Maria

    The person who coined the phrase is most likely the editor of Hong Kong’s 1975/76 yearbook. Does Squatto know who that was?

  • Sex Toy, please let me know how to contact her … private msg on Facebook?

  • From Bill Panton’s Hash Genealogy at thehashhouse.org:

    Ipoh Hash House Harriettes, founded 29 Aug 66
    Penang Hash House Harriettes, founded 21 Nov 72
    Singapore Hash House Harriettes, founded 17 Oct 73
    Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriettes, founded 18 Jun 74

    Mixed Harrier Clubs may have existed before 1938, but one doesn’t really know what Horse Thompson means here by “mixed”: race or gender? I personally think he meant race. Anyway, from an older HHHistory post on this blog:

    “Talk at lunch turned to Hare and Hounds, the game that many of them had been exposed to and enjoyed as public schoolboys in England. G also talked of the fun he’d had with harrier clubs. Horse Thompson — an office colleague of Gispert with a rather equine face — had r*n paper chases in 1932 when based in Johor Bahru. He then moved to Malacca and started another club there, the Springgit Harriers, a year or so later. Gispert would occasionally pass through on work matters and Horse would invite him to join the r*n. ‘As a matter of fact, we started the Hash in Johor Bahru in 1932,’ said Horse Thompson. ‘Then we started another one in Malacca a year or two later and, thereafter, we started r*nning in Taiping.’ They were mixed groups. Even dogs occasionally ran on these paper trails. . . . These clubs all became progressively extinct sometime around 1934. . . . However, some reports had G taking Torch Bennett on a harrier r*n when on an outstation audit in Malacca in the first few months of 1938. – From ‘Hare of the Dog’ by Stu Lloyd.”

  • Mr. J,

    Here is the history of harriettes and hashing, that I dug up for Free 2 Lay.

    http://gotothehash.net/history/inthespotlight.html . . . and click on Harriettes

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